Saturday, January 16, 2010

anger management

i'm trying to blog to keep my mind off some stuff and stay sane. been really moody lately for no apparent reason. seems like every little thing gets on my nerves.

and i think i tend to be abusive when i lose my cool, like how i am towards my irritating lil dog.

i dont know how to keep it all in anymore, neither do i know how to release it properly.

its gonna be another mad busy night tonight tending to all the fucked up rich bastards again. it annoys me that some idiots are so stuck up and think their few thousand dollars can buy anyting they want and be treated like a king. puhh-leeese.

god please keep me calm and sane before i lose control and shove their platinum cards down their throats and rolls of thousand dollar bills up their assholes.

i'm suddenly craving for icy cold ribena.

oh and i just smacked my dog like no one's business for not sitting still. so i'ld better sleep it off before i kill him for provoking all these anger built up within.

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