Monday, April 12, 2010


sundress and coconut drink =)
been busy and lazy lately. hence, the lack of updates. but since its 3am of a sunday night, and i am confused and i refuse to sleep, so yeah. here it goes. a random mixed blogpost.

a small peek at gsix's exclusive super VIP room. a gorgeous penthouse-styled area with private bar, chill out lounge and ktv lounge and an awesome view of midvalley city.

and yeap. so i bought a new phone last sunday night. sony ericsson's satio. with my hard earned money. =) damn proud of myself. for being independant and being financially able to pamper myself with anything i want, whenever i want, minus the guilt and what nots.

i got like tons of pictures but am just gonna upload a few of them, randomly. all taken with 12.1mega pixel quality and unedited. but honestly, if you ask me, other than satio's touchscreen and camera which is awesome, everything else pretty much sucks.


pictures of baby toy =) mad love how cute he has grown to be.
and how matured he is starting to be. in a lot of ways, i believe he is starting to understand a lot of things, like why daddy doesnt come home anymore or why sometimes i have to leave him alone for long long hours. am just so proud of my lil baby and his lil ways that makes me feel that i raised him well *pats self on back*.
i am lucky and blessed to have him in my life.
*hugs baby toy tightly*

yesterday night (sat) at work. cutesy polka dot dress with wedges =)

my loot from friday's shopping. and baby toy nesting nicely on my new bought dresses =.=

friday night at work.

maddddd loveeeee!!! my new fringe boots =)

mad love!

meat patty for dinner just now.

cheese baked oysters! damn i miss cheese baked escargots =(
korean food on wednesday!

jap food for dinner on saturday night!

authentic thai food last sunday night!

hongkong-style food for friday!

wednesday night -- closing at work.

friday shopping and tea with suang! mad love the pic and my polka dot dress =)

random stoned camwhore pic.
had a dream last night which woke me up in tears, disappointed that in reality, it isnt so. perhaps subconsciously, i am still hoping. i dont know.
honestly, part of me still hasnt fully recovered. but i am trying my very best to numb myself from the pain when i go to bed feeling like the loneliest person in the entire world.
''.. Another shot of whiskey can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time..."
-- need you now, lady antebellum
although i have walked away, i sometimes still pause and look back, thinking 'what if...'

baby toy. despite how happy he makes me, it hurts how he reminds me every single night when i cuddle him to sleep, of all the pain i am desperately trying to hide.

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