Sunday, April 4, 2010

saturday night

with the girlies at work =) damn love this pic!!

quite a good night at work bumping into highschool friend shuwen and a couple of acquaintances from ol random clubbing nights. i am starting to think that time really flies. cant believe its been like three years plus since i left highschool and i've already been in kl for like the past 2 years. ah well.

outfit for the night. super lurve the dress though i could barely breathe in it. hah! the price to pay for TRYING to be pretty.

hehe. just bomb you with some pictures of toy toy =)

oh, and i had three times of jap food in a week. damn happy like mad =)
but am just sooooo lazy to post food pics. just post pics of my must-have-dish when i go for jap food lah.

SENJYU SUSHI @ cineleisure. sunday night with friend-cum-manager lester

KISSATEN @ JayaOne. monday night with darling huiyee =)

Pasta Zanmai @ midvalley. saturday night with singaporean friend bernard

see my massive bruise on my left thigh. =(
the price to pay for clumsiness and falling into wet bathtubs. damn sui wan laa.

k lah. time to hit the sheets. goodnight!


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