Sunday, April 18, 2010

lazy is my name.

weeeheeee =) lurrvveee this pic!!

outfit for wednesday night at work
lacy short tube dress with sexy fishnet stockings and fringe boots

so what's your name hey baby, what's your name?
oh yeah!
SEXY is my name, SEXY is my name.
okay, so whats your game hey baby what's your game?
i like to PLAY, i , i like to PLAY!

this song is playing on replay in my head! mizz nina and colby o donis 'what you waiting for'. super addictive song which makes you just wanna sing along and get on your feet to dance =)

yum yum =)

some taiwanese food in gardens. dinner with girlie YY before work on friday =)

while waiting for our food.

outfit for friday night!
fringe dress with platform gladiators!

irene! i also got!
nenenenenehh =)
frey, lindt, andes and dark toblerone!! mmhhh. my favs.
10bars of DARK CHOCS for immediate happiness albeit temporary =)

and marshmellows =)
and i still am not motivated to study yet. despite how near my finals are!
*gasp* three more days and i'm still not started =.=
oh, and i sent toy toy away for boarding. might be leaving him there for some time. the overwhelming responsibility and his constant imminent need for my 100% attention and care is too much for me to cope. at the time being.
as much as i love him and miss him now, i need a break from doing all these alone. and a break from being reminded of the stinging pain over and over again every single day and night.
*slaps self* enough of being emo. now somebody, something please just motivate me to study.
maybe tomorrow. *slaps forehead*
now if you'ld excuse me, i'ld rather get ready to go out instead of wasting a beautiful sunday staring at my notes pointlessly, hating my life.

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