Monday, May 17, 2010

the final walk

the beautiful flowers on my lap while accompanying a dear friend on his final journey.

so he made the ultimate decision to take his life. although others may despise and disapprove of his suicide saying that he took the easy way out, i stand firm believing that it takes so much courage and faith to take your own life. it isnt easy to make a conscious decision to leave behind people whom you love and those who love you. and for whatever reason which driven him to do it, i respect that decision and trust that he knows best.

the beautiful flowers were my blessings which accompanied him as his body turned into ashes and his soul departed from this world to a happier place above. despite a thousand question marks in our heads as to why he did it, the fact is that, he is gone. the only comfort we can find, is that he left peacefully.

i, and the rest of the people who meant the most to him when he was alive, were there for the final walk with him. the fact that all of us put our hectic lives at halt and paused our lives for two days, to travel four hours away to the small town of segamat to pay our last respects and to be there for each other, is what mattered the most. his death devastated all of us. and i hope he sees the broken hearts and bitter tears and know how much he meant to us.

despite being there at his funeral and standing among the broken hearted friends and family during the prayers, and witnessing his body go into cremation, it still feels surreal. like a nightmare we are all hoping desperately to wake up from.

reality hits us in our faces, that, he is gone. forever.
but he'll live in our hearts always. this i promise.

rest in peace, my friend. and i will always, always remember you with the smiling face.

p.s: sorry i decided not to post his picture on my blog.

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