Monday, May 31, 2010

random bits

okay. i know that my hair ends look really really dry and fcked up. dont remind me thankyouverymuch.

havent been blogging for some time due to lousy connection. but am just gonna upload random pictures since blogger and broadband is being super nice to me tonight =)

awww. mad funny pic of toy toy. miss baby toy like mad. havent seen him for like more than week already.

cant wait for him come back tomorrow den i take cun cun pictures of him nicely groomed. =)

my miniature perfume collection gifted by someone unexpected.

shopping loot from monday and just now =)))

oh. and did i mention i bought some massage equipments? =))) Osim's uSqueez is definitely orgasmic, perfect after a longggg day in heels.

the new baby =)

for sister's bday =)

hah. =) yummyness. *burps*

k lah. i know i got LOADS of overdue pictures i owe my visible and invisible readers. (p/s, i still dont know and cannot be bothered, yet, to edit my pictures). but bear with me. will upload it ASAP.

goodnight for now. had been a longggggg day after spending a night in the jungle and shopping like nobody's business right after coming back from camp.

cant wait for ciara who's coming tomorrow morning to bunk with me for the holidays. yayy!! =)

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