Wednesday, June 16, 2010

yeap am back!

outfit of the day.rugged military-inspired shirt with cuffed shorts and oversized bag from pink pussycat

this post definitely marks the end of my loonnnggg break from the blogosphere due to losing my usb cable. just a quick update though. promise will upload the overdue pictures i owe everyone. cross your fingers i'll have the motivation to do it =)

had MANHATTAN FISH MARKET for tea/dinner today =) nom nom noms.

tuna pie =)

looking oh-so-sleepy thanks to lousily done make up =.=

old-time-fav fish and chips

greddy pig *evil grin*

must-have manhattan seafood platter =)

=D caught with greedy face. weehee =)

SENJYU SUSHI on monday night.

the amount of food we girls had =)

me love =)

babygirl irene =)

heh. caught with greedy face again =D

but i must say, SENJYU is real good =) noms. *drools*

TAO on monday night.
fyi, TAO is another club by the people who brought us GSix, Neutral, Rain, Cabana and Modesto's. dont have the picture of the place, but its gorgeous =) do check it out at e@curve (cineleisure), right beside fellow rival The Library. and the grand launching is this friday 18th june. must support! =)



Irene high on Kilkenny =)

hah. yeap. we were in tshirt, shorts and slippers =DDD
definitely the perfect place to unwind by chilling with close friends!

time to sleep. but i promise i
will update more often from now on.
keep your fingers crossed =)


Viv. =)


Anonymous said...

not bad ya...
that guys chest hair was hot.. lol

-LuVeRGaL- said...

hah. yea. pretty hot =) btw, who are you?