Tuesday, August 10, 2010

F*cked up

is when you sleep at 6am
and wake no earlier than 2pm
almost everyday

is when you cant be disciplined enough
to drag yourself to class in the morning
even though its just three days a week

is when you spend you days
slacking and doing nothing
and still feel so fatigue and tired

is when you have a ton of things to do
and issues to settle
yet still waste your life away

is when you hate how fat and ugly you are
yet still stuff your face with fat foods
and not be motivated to start dieting

is when you hate how your life is becoming
yet do nothing about it

is when you cant be motivated enough to work
though you have the perfect 5hour decent job
paying what others earn in 40odd hours

is when you just dont seem to care bout everything
or be affected by anything

is when you complain bout how
monotonous your life is
despite it being so eventful

is when you cant be bothered
to even talk to your family nor go home anymore
to even spend time bonding with your loved friends

is when you have no motivation, no passion
no ambition, no discipline, in your life
and no drive to change the way things are

is when you dont even know
who you are..
where you're heading...
what you want out of your life...

yeap. hi.

WELCOME to my fucked up life

p/s: am not emo. just thinking bout how fcked up my life has became and how meaningless it is becoming. urgh. someone knock me out of these nonsense.

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