Monday, August 9, 2010

sneak preview!

*edited with iphoto editor

damn excited. finally found out how to edit pics using iphoto d!!! there's this whole de-noise and sharpening App to smooth out my pics. AND GOT BLEMISH REMOVER ALSO!!! (notice how smooth my face LOOKS and that i removed my mole with the app also)

woootttt =) damn happy!!!

now more people will be cheated by my deceiving pics! HAH!am still noob at it though. do bear with me at the time being.

just bomb you people with a couple of pics from friday night of the opening of GSIX 2, or otherwise known as

*note though only pictures with ME inside were edited due to my laziness. self absorbed much i know! LOL!!

*edited with iphoto editor*

*edited with iphoto editor*
so happen, coincidently, most of us girls were dressed in blazers for the event! =)

okayy, sneak peek of the gorgeous super posh new exclusive jazz live band lounge!!

the walkway

the VIP sofa area (only picture with flash)

bar 1

sofa area

island bar

just a sneak peek taken after closing that night. (of course the place is much much bigger than the miserable amount of pics i took)

gorgeous much aint it? its a jazz live band lounge which got JAPANESE GRILL SUMORE!!!!

i apologize for the grainy pics, but i couldnt use flash though the place wasnt exactly decently lighted cause i wouldnt be able to capture the actual fascinating lights concept in the picture then.

you really have to see for yourself how gorgeous the place is. it took my breath away. literally. like fantasy land liddat!!! wtf!

too bad though. at the moment, GSIX 2 is a fully exclusive VIP club for the elite, GSIX 1 regulars, VIPs and invited guests ONLY.

still keeping our fingers crossed for GSIX 2 to be opened to public soon though. who knows?

*edited with iphoto editor*

*edited with iphoto editor*

that's all for now though. would love to blog more but so crazy tired after hungover sunday mornin and spending the whole day out. have to drag myself to class tomorrow somemore. sigh. =(

of not-so-sober sat night. unedited though.

xoxo, viv.

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