Sunday, September 5, 2010

2weeks of boredom

so i'm back in ipoh again. for two fuckin weeks. sigh.

perhaps i'm just so used to living independently already and with everything in kl, coming back seems to be such a dread. cause i have to put everything on halt, leave work to come back and do nothing. how unproductive! oh well.

train ride back was such a torture. even though it was just 2hours. kids. i think even my furkid can be more well behaved than them.

i seriously think that kids who cant sit still and be quiet, should NOT be allowed outside their houses. they are just. plain annoying.

jumping. running. playing. blabbing. laughing. screaming. crying. wailing. FML.

even toytoy knows how to sit still and be quiet when i take him out, even since he was a puppy. kids, even till the age of 8, cant.


i just got back from langkawi. i really want to upload the gorgeous pictures i took, but apparently my home pc usb/bluetooth connection is infected with virus. so the only pic that's gonna be uploaded is

Picture of Langkawi loot. (this one also i download from my fb only)

bottle of Sheridan's coffee liqueour, Baileys irish cream and Rouyer Guillet cognac among dozens of liquor miniatures.

seriously regret not carrying more. if only i knew earlier that every person is actually allowed to bring 2 litres each(legally) or even more!! provided that you check in the extra liquor together with your baggage and only hand-carry 1litre up your plane. (only applies to domestic flights only though)

should have gotten that few bottles of Absolut! only rm39 each! Malibu for only rm 48 and 18year old Macallan for about rm200?!? so cheap can faint.

*slaps forehead for being chicken shit*

Calvin Klein miniature perfume set, (which i bought for around rm180 then realised that AirAsia sells it on board for only rm139! FML)
Anna Sui's Night of Fancy and Escada's Marine Groove perfumes.

besides some ciggs and loads of chocolates.

oh, and Armani shades cause someone lost his after falling off from jetski.

speaking of which. the moment we fell off the jetski, i was terrified.
of being bitten by sharks or jellyfishes, of my life jacket malfunctioning and drowning, of being pulled away further into the sea and being alone in the middle of the sea, of being knocked unconscious/dead by other jetskis or speedboats, of getting lost then stranded in an isolated island and dying.

but nahh. none of that happened. life jacket worked fine. floated back up, swam back to grab jetski, struggled to pull myself up, then continued speeding away in the sea =)

ah well, at least now i know how to pull myself up onto a jetski after falling off, and that you should never attempt to do 'cornering' with the jetski without letting go of the accelerator.

Langkawi was just gorgeous.

except that it wasnt as happening as i thought any duty-free island would be. i mean, c'mon! i'ld be out drinking every night if beers were only rm5, liquor at rm9 per glass, and cocktails only rm15 at bars in kl like it is in langkawi. funny thing that it is almost dead at night.

at first, i was pretty disappointed with Holiday Villa's Deluxe room which we booked for, cause it was rather run down and small, and not worth the rm460 as it is published as!

but, when we got upgraded from Deluxe room to Deluxe Premium, i was estatic !!! Premium was definitely much much more spacious, comfortable, gorgeous, and much much better in every way possible.

i could sit at the balcony, which fronted the garden and pool, whole morning smoking June and watch the angmoh's swim,

lay in the day bed at noon having rm2.80 chilled Heineken, have room service and watch good shows they have on their lcd tv ,

laze by the pool
listening to music, and sit at the pool bar, half submerged in water, sipping cocktails and munching chocolates whole evening,

lay on the beach
under the gazillion stars at night to enjoy the sea breeze and listen to the waves crash in.

come back late night to soak in the warm tub reading with a cuppa hot choc and roll into the clean sheets of the comfy bed for perfect slumber.

Holiday Villa was definitely worth every cent spent.
the true definition of a beach resort. =)

i could go on describing the whole getaway, but i would not bore you poor readers =) hang in there. shall upload the pictures as soon as possible.

at the meantime, stay tuned and happy holidays!!

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