Wednesday, September 22, 2010

langkawi preview (finally)

spent the entire noon + evening editing ALL the pictures from 3d2n langkawi trip from 1st sept. (overdue much i know!) and painstakingly chose (few) favourites out of the over 300 pictures i took.

and if you noticed, this post was started at 10pm 22/9 (yesterday) where i uploaded pictures till i fell asleep at 5am, and continued uploading at 3pm just now, and it's almost 5pm of 23/9, and i'm finally done =.= .

thanks to tortoise speed broadband wtf which was so frustrating it almost drove me insane =.=

anyway, enjoy =D


#1 landed in langkawi at 9am which was 10mins ahead schedule
two thumbs up to AIRASIA for their efficiency =D

#2 checked in HOLIDAY VILLA
which was FANTABULOUS! highly recommaended =)

#3 view from my balcony.
of green gardens and huge-ass pool. gorgeous much!

#4 random shot from Underwater World
perfect combo for my cutesy pink dress with embroidery details. =)

#5 lounging at their poolside
all time fav momoe tank. (of all four colours i own, this is the best)

#6 evening dip in the huge-ass pool.
brown bikini top with polka dot skirt-bottom from Blook.

#7 the good life =)
gorgeous shot of sunset at HOLIDAY VILLA's private beach by yours truly.

#8 my fav shot =)

#9 2nd fav shot =)

#10 new blog header perhaps? =D

#11 me likeyy good photographer!

#12 amazing emo shot (aint it?!)
by *perasan* yours truly =D

#13 random shot

#14 bbq dinner at the HOLIDAY VILLA
casual light denim dress =)

#15 shot of the gazillion stars in the sky at the beach.
attempted using 12 megapixel =D

#16 cocktails at Sunday's bistro


#18 Sunday bistro and restaurant
amazingly designed place, comfy ambience, wonderful drinks and awesome service. located just along the road where Sunba bar is.


#19 Cenang beach at noon.

#20 floral dress with lace finishings

#21 candid picture

#22 walking
towards the 'langkawi' signboard at the mountains.

#23 random shot
absolutely love how casual this picture turned out

#24 light blue wedges by Vincci

#25 'proof' of LANGKAWI =)

#26 waiting for dinner to be served

#27 candlelight dinner at HOLIDAY VILLA's italian restaurant
amazing food =)

#28 pina colada at dinner

#29 Babylon Bar on Cenang Beach
very gorgeous casual balinese setting

#30 live band =D

#31 'table' on the soft white sands
love how they serve drinks in 'buckets' with straws. so cute!

#32 spot the Babylon sign!

#33 back at HOLIDAY VILLA
tie-dyed dress from random boutique

#34 feet + sand


#35 at the pier overlooking ships, yachts and boats
white lace tier dress and checkered scarf with platforms.

#36 famous Langkawi Eagle Square
they had some movie shooting thingy going on so i couldnt go and take proper pictures with the eagle wtf. disappointed. =(

#37 back at the beach by sunset
amazing photo i know =D

#38 goodbye langkawi
i miss the soft white sands, amazing sea breeze and relaxed place. but i'll be back, soon =)

will upload the rest of the pictures to my facebook, but i honestly dont know when i'll be able to do that. lets cross our fingers and hope broadband be nice to me =)

till then, cheers =)

xoxo, viv

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