Monday, September 27, 2010

personal chauffeur!

check out my super handsome personal chauffeur wtf! =)

'' yes madam, i'm toytoy at your service. it's a friday, where do you want to go for dinner tonight?''

'' anywhere lah. sister and bf are here for the weekends, why dont you take us for some nice seafood ? ''

'' right away madam''


focused driver. wtf. haha. i know i'm getting so 'wu liao'. cant help it. toytoy is so cute i can faint. hah!

anyway, yeah, sister and bf came on friday evening, so this is where we went for seafood dinner.

Restoran Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood

No. 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3,
Desa Aman Puri, Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-62723346

as all of you know, i am not a fan of 'outdoor dining' under the stars with plastic tables and chairs. if i were given a choice, i prefer to be indoors with nice cushioned chairs, proper illustrated menus, air conditioning, better service and more comfortable ambience.

but we didnt have a choice. =( *sulks* outdoors it was. next time i would definitely call ahead and reserve a table, considering they charge service taxes anyway! oh and make sure if you did not make a reservation, go early and beat the dinner crowd. if you happen to go during weekends around 7 or 8, be prepared to queue. *aiks.


kailan with oyster sauce
it was our first dish and it was really disappointing. wayyy too salty. good thing the other dishes taste much much better!

some random roast chicken
cant comment because i did not eat it since i was too busy with the other dishes =.= besides, i'm not a big fan of roast chicken anyway.

signature taufoo
man, this fuck is damn good. crispy tofu skin fried to perfection. smells and tastes so awesome! totally unexpected considering it looks so dull. good thing, i did not order my usual sizzling egg tofu, if not i'd miss out on this!

double boiled water cress soup
piping hot, and really tasty!

stars of the day!

1kg salted eggs crab
what can i say? my all time fav. did not disappoint me =)

1kg marmite crabs
smell and taste damn good!!! i'm getting all so hungry now while staring at this picture itself.

crabs were pretty cheap, rm22 per kg. but there's a catch. for every 1kg of crabs you order, you are expected to order 2 other dishes (vege, prawns, chicken etc) which are charged at higher prices. that was pretty much why we over ordered for the four of us and over stuffed ourselves =.=

actually if you think about it, the crabs arent that cheap anyway since the prices for other dishes were jacked up. but still reasonable considering the amount we ate lah. bill came up to about rm130 (inclusive of drinks, rice, and taxes).

this place would be perfect to dine with a bigger group of friends/family, not quite suitable for diners with less than 4 people. i regret not ordering their signature curry prawns in coconut, sweet sour/ cheesy crabs to go with mantao, pork ribs and some other stuff which i would have enjoyed. =(

nevermind, i'll definitely go back! if any of you want to go there to eat, please please please let me tag along =)

gotta go for now. prepare for tutorials and test on wednesday. *yawns*

upcoming post on awesome weekend with sister. stay tuned.

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