Monday, September 20, 2010

new shoes!!

bought two babies last week =)

super gorgeous new Adidas sneakers for evening walks with toytoy. cause believe it or not, i dont have ANY sneakers/sport shoes/ trainers/walking shoes despite my 'shoe collection' =.=

and really really pretty leopard printed 4inch pumps from Nose, cause, they are too pretty to pass =)

simple sunday night dinner

good ol' tidbits and weird-tasting water cress drink on the left. seriously. weird. i love water cress SOUPS, but sweet water cress? erm. WEIRD.

good ol' dumplings. they dont call their dumplings the best for no reason. no other dimsum places make dumplings this good. two thumbs up =)

pan-seared steamed dumplings or something. two thumbs up also. go try =)

HK kailan

nomnom. fish =) so darn good.

Desserts afterwards

at this newly-opened booth just outside One U's GSC ticketing counters.

i am a huge fan of MyHoneymoon, if you still dont know by now. love their desserts and ambience. and i actually thought it was really smart of them to put a booth near the cinemas since most people have some spare time before their movies and like to sit down for a drink and snack/dessert (at least i do). so i thought it was genius of them since EVERYBODY loves desserts, and the other MyHoneymoon cafe is at the far end of NewWing.

but i hated the new booth. the sitting area is really cramped. only 3 tiny tables with literally no space between. really hot and stuffy booth which is over-lit with spotlights, thus making it extra hot. if that wasnt bad enough, it's 'SELF SERVICE' concept. go to counter - order your desserts - go grab a seat - wait till the staff calls you - go back to booth to claim your dessert. wtf. somemore they use UGLY small disposable polystyrene containers. wtfwtfwtf.

egg strips water chestnet 'tong sui' and durian pancakes =)

Honeymoon's signature dessert. Chocolate sweetheart =)

went and catch Going the Distance.
Going the Distance photo
it was actually a really random movie and i didnt even know what 'going the distance' movie was all about. have not even seen their movie trailers or even poster beforehand =.=

pretty disappointed with the lead, Justin Long. geeky plus he had no sense of humuor. Drew Barrymore had indeed aged from 50 First Dates (from 2004 if you remember). that movie was my first few movies and a really funny movie with funny man Adam Sandler whereby Drew played the girl lead who had memory span of only 1 day, so they kept having 'first dates' every time they went out because she would forget everything which happened when she wakes up every morning. remember already?

the movie was tad bit boring. sometimes kinda draggy, or maybe cause i had an-almost-bursting-bladder and was hoping the movie would end faster so i could run to the toilets =.= not exactly touching/romantic movie like i expected. but there were lots of funny moments, mostly sex related though, which really made me ROFL =)

go and watch only if you have nothing better to do and could use a laugh. do yourself a favour and go watch GROWN UPS instead. it's so funny can die, seriously! =D

anyway, i got nail art again =)

did it in Ipoh for guess how much? *gasp* rm18!!!! with OPI colour somemore. fml.=DDD

this is sister's. mad jealous! next time i'll do this design =)

gotta sign off already. i started this post at 7.40pm, and it's almost 12 already now. took freaking four hours to load these few fucking pictures, so you must stare long long okay!! need to go prepare tutorials for 8 hours of classes tomorrow and i've not even started. fml seriously.

and yes, you were cheated =) this picture is fully edited with TAAZ. believe me, you wouldnt want to see the original version of this picture with puffy small eyes, uneven skintone, blemishes, no makeup, and pale lips.

XOXO, viv.

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