Sunday, September 19, 2010


i was contemplating about having short hair. came to a point where i felt pretty bored of the stuff i do. i have the same ol hair, wear the same ol clothes, put same ol makeup, you get the idea.

but come to think about it, short hair after keeping my hair which grows in super slow rate for the past 3 years?? i dont know.

i typed a whole emo wtf long post about hair and my feelings and stuff like that. but nahh. not gonna all that crap take over my life.

some point where i do think i need some makeover, except that i would complain till the cows come home about how unsatisfied i always get when other people try to give me a makeover.

that was when i found out about

i was actually trying to try out various kinds of hair styles which would suit me, and somehow (over)revamped myself to be this (over)editted girl. but i like =DDD

check it out =)


before. original picture.


#1 face makeover
i know. very 'doll-ish'. but check out the eyes *squeals* =DDD

#2 with this jennifer aniston hair and GORGEOUS LASHES
i know the hair doesnt fit that well. first attempt. excuse my noob-ness

#3 kim kardashian hair and red lipstick.
i like =DDD how i look like japanese geisha *twirls around* *perasan* HAH!

#4 auburn hair =)

#5 paris hilton hair

#6 ali larter hair in strawberry blond
this is my FAV of all.
still trying to get the hang of it. but imho, i see a slow progress from my first attempt to add hair. =)

kayy. i know i'm still pretty noob at it. the fake hair i added dont even cover my real hair properly, but you know what, close one eye lah!

at least now you know it's better to upload a picture with your hair all tied up so you dont have to go through the trouble of trying hard to cover your real hair.

gonna try and do some of my other pictures and post some up and cheat more people with how 'pretty' i can look in pictures! HAH!

stay tuned to cheated =)

at the meantime, go check it out

its really really simple. i'm gonna attempt to give you a quick humble guide to using this virtual makeover thingy which i learnt from my own 'experiences':

1) click on the link and on the START MAKEOVER pink tab

2) simply sign up for an account
*which is a breeze, no 1001 questions like other account set ups. i absolutely hate it when websites ask you to like type answers to like a tons of unrelated unimportant questions. complete turn off

3) upload a picture
*preferably most unflattering pictures which you HATE HATE HATE HATE. the straight faced, close up high resolution picture of you without make up and see what you can make out of it =)

4) follow the instructions
*which guides you to place the spots to outline areas of your face. like the points of your eyes, you brows, your lips. be sure to be as accurate as you can. as it would affect the outcome of your makeover.

5) lips tab
i personally recommend that you start from the FACE TAB on top instead of the LIPS TAB. pretty much like how you would do your makeup in real. you always start with the face.

6) pick colour for foundation
pick a colour out of the thousand colours from the palatte. you dont really need to go through ALL colours. simply pick one which would suit your face. adjust the amount of foundation you want on your face through the bar before the palatte. click 'remove foundation' if you're not satisfied and start over

7) click on the next tab for concealer, blush and bronzer
repeat steps in (6)

8) eyes tab
first, choose a colour you want for you eyeshadow. either bright, blue/green, brown or dark. remember to choose how you want it to be applied from the graphics below the palatte. adjust amount and shimmer.

9) eyeliner
repeat steps in (8)

10) lashes
this is the fun part because you really get to perk up your eyes. imho, lashes immediately give life to your eyes. take basic black coloured lashes and choose what kind of lashes you want on your eyes from the diagram below the palatte.

11) contacts and brow
choose contacts colour if you want them. adjust your brow volume. it is important that you had tried to accurately defined your brows in step (4) to ensure brows loook okay.

12) lips tab
you should get the idea the hang of this by now. basically just pick colour, adjust volume and crap like that.

13) hair tab
this one if pretty tricky. it would be better if you uploaded a picture where you have your hair all pulled up. you choose a hair style of a celebrity you want. adjust it according to the contours of your face. dont worry, you have the tutorials to teach you how.

imho though, the hair doesnt really look as 'natural' as the make up does. but practice makes perfect doesnt it? =) the site lacks a lot of stuff like editing your nose, or colouring your brows. but it's pretty good for a decent makeover lah!

now you dont need to buy a ton of make up to know what suits you best, or try on a gazillion wigs to know what kind of hair would work on you.

so yeah. have fun with it =) hope you make gorgeous pictures out of your UGLIEST shots and cheat lots of people =D

i'm gonna go back to perfecting my 'cheat-people-with-gorgeous-pictures-skills'. stay tuned, stay cheated.

xoxo, viv.

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