Saturday, October 9, 2010

K time!

i really dont know why this photo's lighting seems a bit too bright though i did not edit it at all. must be due to using flash light despite standing right under a bright spotlight. ah well.

just a quick pic of loot from quick Nichii shopping on thursday after renewing my driving license at Maju Junction.
oversized red sweater with floral linings rm79
knitted see-through pullover rm59
casual black dress rm29
tailored beige rugged jacket rm99

on a side note, i am really itching for some real retail therapy. its funny how despite how much clothes and shoes i have, and how many pieces of clothings i bought which have never been worn sitting sitting nicely in my closet, i never seem to have ANYTHING to wear =.=

girls and their issues with never having any clothes to wear nor enough shoes.

camwhoring before thursday night k-session with the loves at Neway One Utama. my second k session in a week. first was on sunday with colleagues and friends, 6hour k marathon. thus, its no secret now why i'm having such a sore throat. T___T

will let the pictures do the talking =)

me. Suang. Ma. Hyee

Ma and i. love how 'feminine' i look in this pic. HAH!

three years plus and still counting.

its amazing how a year together in matriculation can bond us girls so strongly. despite how different we all are in terms of our personalities and everything, and how rarely we actually meet up, we always know that no matter what happens, even if the whole world falls apart and turns its back to us, we always have each other.

its amazing how much we have gone through together and how much we cherish this friendship, i guess this is the power of true friendship?

this K session was exceptionally memorable though it was really a simple getaway in the middle of the night. because all of us put our lives on pause, leave our worries, thoughts, tasks, work and boyfriends behind to reignite that friendship spark wtf.

we really should do this more often. cheers to girls' night out =)

until my next post.

xoxo, viv.

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