Wednesday, October 13, 2010

another tuesday

this was what caught my eye the first thing i arrived at the faculty today. a huge-ass giant Body Shop booth rooted right at our faculty's parking lot.

how cool is that?!

definitely the first 'cool thing' other than boring ol Nescafe booths or law-related booths coming in. they usually have all these booths at the uni main building (which is really far away from my faculty), so to have booths right at the doorstep, that i've got somewhere to waste my time at, in between classes, was perfect.

i wish they would bring in different different amazing booths every now and then. that way i'ld be more motivated to go to uni. hah!

i know, i'm such a sucker for convenience. i really dont mind paying extra or 'convenience fees' to get things the easy way, ie delivery food, 7-11s, you get the idea. yes, i am THAT lazy.

and although i really did not need anything from Bodyshop since i've stocked up on my stuff the last time they had a sale mid of the year, i bought some stuff anyway.

i just LOVE smelling so damn good after shower! i use their Cocoa Scrub hor, after shower, smell like a walking box of chocolates! make me so hungry wanna bite myself wtfwtfwtf.

but honestly, their stuffs are really nothing but pleasant smelling colourful bottles which sit prettily on your bathroom shelves. their shower gels, imho, are really drying. fml.

ah well. there's nothing perfect i suppose? hm.

by the way, just picked toytoy from pet hotel after his lonely 2 weeks there. just a quick picture to remind you peeps how cute he has grown to be, and to remind myself how much i really love and miss him =)


its true what they say about absence makes the heart fonder =)

back to catch desperate housewives's s7 e3. hope you peeps have a great week ahead!

love, viv.

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