Saturday, October 30, 2010

love-hate relationship

love is when you seem to adore someone so much that you would be so broken apart to see him sad and would do everything in the world to make him happy. it is when being apart for a day seems like a million years and you miss him so bad it hurts. it is when you know that no one else can make you feel the way you do with him.

it is when he is the reason you wake up every morning with a smile and come home to with this warm fuzzy feeling inside =)

and yet hate is when you just cannot stand his overwhelming affections and display of emotions and bad temper when you dont have enough time or not in a mood. hate is when you are forced to be responsible when you are not ready to have someone who is dependent on you. it is when you know every lil action of yours affects him deeply.

it is when loneliness stings and you know that only he can cure it.

i miss you babyboy.

love-hate relationship is when you hate him and yet love him so much at the same time and know that no matter what happens, he'll love you the same. <3

mummy will bring you home soon and take you for long walks, shower you with love and affection, fatten you with loads of treats and cuddle you in bed =) promise!


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