Thursday, October 28, 2010

girly wed nite

outfit of the night. simple white satin-like dress with see-through lace back.

date for the night. darl

venue: 7atenine, The Ascott KL.
Event: Temptations party by Encore.

gorgeous gorgeous place but sadly we were given a table upstairs which was relatively empty since upstairs catered more for fine dining than drinking.

vouchers courtesy of Cheesie

list of their special cocktails

specially frozen cubes of solidified fresh raspberry, Amaretto, port and JackDaniels, crusted with almond flakes. served on skewers.

Rating: 4/10
tasted more like some weird pudding pieces splashed with some strong raspberry liqueur and almost flakes. blehh.

a helping of fresh white peach and pear liqueur complimented by a dash of citrus and rounded of with Finlandia vodka.

Rating: 8/10
a very smooth blend which tasted of peach and pear with vodka. if rimmed with salt/sugar, would have been perfect margarita. =)

a sensual bowl of Haagen Daz icecream, doused with Finlandia vodka and fresh strawberry sauce, crowned with flamed strawberry and basil meringue, climaxed with olive oil.

Rating: 9/10
very good. probably Haagen Daz afterall. olive oil and basil tasted pretty weird with ice cream, nevertheless, vodka, strawberry and Haagen Daz blend together very well. the crowd definitely thought the same since it was sold out pretty early.

a fresh concoction of watermelon, passion fruit zested with fresh lemon, a subtle topping of citrus and topped off with Pepe Lopez tequila.

Rating: 7/10
reminded me a lot of Sex on The Beach cocktail minus the pineapple zest. was pretty strong at the beginning but once you get the taste, it actually is quite good. very refreshing.

Evelyn and Sue

washroom was gorgeous. rose petals and candles. except that it smelled of some really strong disgusting incense. would have been perfect if candles were passion scented or something sweet.

decided to leave early since the place was rather dead. the girls did not even redeem all the drinks though each of us were given two cocktail vouchers worth rm40 for coming under the guestlist. ah well.

went downstairs to see if we could bump into our fav bloggers. and we did!!! spotted Cheesie

she was dressed down in sweater and short pants, i actually expected her to stand out in the crowd dressed to impress since her blog is all about Japanese fashion and stuff. she was casual yet very pretty nevertheless. rather tanned and relatively petite since she looked tall in her blog. spoke good English with a slight accent.

and Audrey who was really petite but very very pretty. didnt speak much and she was quite shy but still obliged to pictures. =)

despite going all the way to a rather disappointing party, also probably since it was still rather early, at least we got to meet the bloggers in person. its funny how we all enjoy stalking strangers' lives whom we have never met. =)

went for midnight foot massage with Ma later on at

Zouk Spa SS2.

(N&Z Healthcare Centre Sdn. Bhd.)

No. 4, Jalan SS 2/67,

68000 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-78742118

right beside ss2 Subway, few shops away from WongKok.

feet soaked in warm water to ease up tired feet.

my masseur was a local lady who was very kind and friendly. at least she did not keep pestering us to purchase add on services like foot bath, head massage, foot scrub, blablabla... massage felt really good since she really knew the points on my feet to emphasize on. i loved how she massaged my tired calves and knees which most masseurs often neglect. she was not half hearted in massaging and made sure that i felt good about it =)

which i did.

definitely going back!

dropped by gsix after that.

picture courtesy of Nokia N8 =)

xoxo, viv.


lazy doggie said...

hehehe jz feel like dropping a comment here coz urs seems to b like my blog too..more n more comments on d chat box but empty commentors..sad case rite..remove d chat box n let them comment here XD anyway wanna say ah ma's make up is superb on her..hehe..she look MUCH more beautiful than d FEA make up =)) n hehe..SURE u happy to hear tis..slimming process SEEMS to be quite a success dear ^.*

-LuVeRGaL- said...

awwww... thankyou so much dear!!!! =) i will jiayou jiayou. hopefully will succeed like you did! muahh~

雨银 said...

ya lo..hahah~~
everyone say i was pretttttyyyy~~
hhahaa...i wanna learn tyo make up liao la~~~hahhaa
thanks sweetie~~