Thursday, November 25, 2010

konnyaku and toytoy

something is very wrong with my Satio. lately whenever i take a picture, i just cannot find it in any of the camera albums wtf. so i'ld have to make do with ipod camera at the time being until i figure out what is wrong/ throw it away and get a better phone fml.

i sprung awake at 8am today in a good mood.

until i remembered that i needed to go to uni to get a few pieces of paper which i wanted to photostat yesterday because the worker was too lazy/sick/just wanted to make my life difficult, i had to go there again today to get it.

driving there itself took me 1 hour n 30minutes. toll was rm3.20. petrol dont know how much. and i was there for barely even ten minutes. thanks to her selfishness. i dont even want to talk about how annoyed and dulan i was for that two hours.

so i came home in a foul mood and decided to make dessert to make myself happy.


in case you dont know what it is, it is a type of candy/treat originated from japan which is really chewy and gummy with fruits and nata de coco inside. oh, and did i mention really easy to make?

i made kiwi flavored one so most of my ingredients will be 'kiwi-based'. if you're not so much of a kiwi fan, you can change the ingredients with any other fruit. lychee is a popular choice =)

Konnyaku Jelly powder
4 kiwis (or more)
Nata de Coco (optional but highly recommended)

you're supposed to use moulds but i substituted it with plastic containers instead. hee =)

1) cut kiwi into small pieces and scoop nata de coco into the containers.

2) boil a 500ml of water in a pot and once it boils, SLOWLY pour the powder in and stir. make sure you stir while it boils, for around 3minutes. because if you dont, you'll have a happy time scrubbing your pot later as it hardens easily due to its gel texture.

3) off fire and set to cool for about 15 minutes.

4) then pour into the containers filled with fruits and nata de coco.

5) refrigerate for about 3hours and you'll be a happy person like i am =)

oh, did i mention that toytoy is back =) and botak. really cute. so ugly but so adorable!

toytoy wants some too *makes puppy eyes*

i gave him a chewy mint treat instead. i laid on the floor watching him chew for 5minutes.

it made my day =)

''mummy wanna share?"

"no? you sure? it's really yummy you know"

yums =)

"you made my day mummy"
"you made mine too darling" *hugs*

i hope it made yours too <3

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