Wednesday, November 24, 2010

morning ramblings

i've been sleeping early lately and would actually jump awake before nine. for no reason at all. if you all dont already know, i'm the kind of person whose biological clock is upset, sleeps at 4am and wakes up late afternoon. fml. so sleeping before midnight and waking in the morning is quite a step =)

although i generally do nothing other than spending my mornings stalking other people's blogs and rummaging their archives over my morning cereals, i suppose its my first step to a healthy lifestyle?

oh, and i went shopping alone again yesterday. like how other people enjoy jogging alone, reading or writing, i enjoy shopping alone, especially when the malls are generally empty and there is no need for pushing and shoving through annoying aunties, groups of students and noisy kids =)

where i can actually take my own sweet time strolling pass window displays and slowly go through new arrivals without worrying that my shopping partner would be impatient/bored/sick/irritated. i love watching other people shop and their little moves, to take time to notice and admire the intricate details of items on display. i enjoy letting my thoughts run wild as i channel my emotions into shopping bags.

its amazing how comforting walking around aimlessly is and surprising how much wonder it actually does to your soul. they dont call shopping retail therapy for no reason do they? retail therapy sort of calms my rages and soothes my mind and tremendously improves my mood.

i hope it does for you guys too =) have a happy week all you all.

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