Friday, November 12, 2010

waiting outside the lines

is a song i've been hearing on replay a ton of times on the radio. go and listen to it. it's good. until just now that i found out that it's sung but a kid. this kid.

13 year old greyson chance. fml.

and i was thinking who is this amazing new singer? his voice is fantastic but enough with kid singers already. first it was miley, then justin. now greyson. shouldnt they all be in school and wait till they are 18 or till their voices mature before recording grown up songs? great. soon we'll all be pumping in grown up clubs playing kids songs. *rolls eyes*

oh. and yesterday was the launch of much-talked-about-waja-replacement Proton Inspira which was ''inspired'' by Mitsubitshi Lancer.

am not a car fanatic, but it just saddens me that our country's ''proud'' production is really an imitation. whether or not it is an authorised imitation or an 'improved version' of the original, it doesnt matter. it still is a fake. soon enough we'll see all these local cars modified with extra spoilers and rims and stick-on Mitsubitshi logos. *rolls eyes*

excuse me. but i just hate fakes, and the cheapos who buy fakes and try to pass it off as the original. if proton had just produced a good car with equivalent specs without the 'glamourous cover', i really would be proud of malaysia. now we're the mockery of the world for producing imitation of a super car. if want to use lancer's specifications, engine at all, cant you at least have the decency to come up with an original design for it?

i feel sad for real Lancer owners, especially the Evo owners who forked out some 300k for their cars. now everyone can afford 'Evo-look-alike' at 80k. how sad is that?

malaysia boleh. yay!

the thing about fakes and why manufacturers are so proud about it is because of the demand of fakes from cheap sad little upperclass-wannabe's who support the imitation industry. dont even get me started on imitation of designer items. clothings. glasses. shoes. bags. oh the bags.

every girl on the street seems to have luxury designer bags of Gucci, Chanel, Burberry and all. the funny thing about it is that they parade their imitated bags proudly without even knowing how to pronounce Louis Vuitton properly *rolls eyes*. imitation industry is getting so damn good, it is almost impossible to tell a fake from an original at first glance.

seriously. why? why would people buy imitations? apart from the fact that it says 'hi-i'm-a-cheapskate/poor-person-who-wants-to-be-seen-with-luxury-things'. why?

i do not own any fake items and will NEVER buy fake items. why would people feel proud parading their fake goods when they really should be ashamed of themselves?

if i had a friend who loves buying imitations of bags, sunglasses, apparels or whatever it is, and enjoys showing off her fake possessions horr, i would walk far far away from her whenever we are in public together. or maybe i should cut her bag like how luxury brands would do when they see people carrying fakes into their high-end shops.

if cannot afford dont buy la. really. stick to whatever middle-class brands or local brands you can afford. if not, just stick to rm20 pasar malam bags. at least people wont call you a cheapskate. if you really like the design of a designer bag but can never afford it, like the gorgeous Chanel bag :

at least have the courtesy to rip off the fake Chanel logo from your bag. at least you'll be a proud owner of a 'chanel-inspired' bag instead of a disgusting cheapskate owner of a fake.

in the first place, who started this whole culture of "chasing-luxury-brands-you-cannot-afford-then-supporting-the imitation-industry"? fakes have became so common in our daily lives that even when we can afford real designer items, we think twice. i wont want to be proudly parading an original thousand(s) dollar designer item when some asshole comes along and insults it by accusing it as a fake.

so the next time before you buy a fake product. note this.

designer brands represent class and elegance which fakes cannot. and can never be.

so can you all stop supporting fakes and let designer brands/luxury cars be the symbol of awesomeness, instead of a mockery already?


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