Saturday, November 13, 2010


it's past five. and i still cant sleep.

been having insomnia at its worst. had been rolling in bed since 3am trying to force myself to fall asleep and yet, sigh. and all these thoughts start coming to me. you know what loneliness and insomnia does to me. it fucks me up.

i think too much,
i cry for no reason,
i talk to myself,
i count whatever i can,
i get upset over nothing
and become a completely different depressed, emotional person
out of nowhere!

so i distract myself with games on ipod. these shit are seriously addictive i tell you. i would stay up whole night, WHOLE FREAKING NIGHT just to play them and the more i play, the more awake i become. fml. who knew that stupid simple games like CoinDozer and Sneezies can hook you for hours and hours!

gah. sorry this is a completely meaningless post of nonsense from lack of sleep, and too much of Absolut. which reminds me that you guys should really try Absolut Raspberry with Sprite. one of my fav! really smooth, tastes awesome and you would be left with a trail of sweet smelling raspberry scent afterwards =)

leave you peeps with a couple of songs i play on replay these few nights. slow sad songs, but surprisingly comforting. hopefully i'll fall asleep soon?

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