Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brazilian waxing @ Fabulous Tan Midvalley

ya i know its an indoor tanning place, but really. they got do waxing wan!

one fine day, few months back i was clicking on MyDeal as usual to see what new deals they have and they had a promotion for Brazillian/Full Legs Waxing at Fabulous Tan, Midvalley @ 50% off. basically it was rm100 for 2 Brazillian sessions/ Full Legs session / one of each. which i thought was quite a deal since i'm a sucker for sales/promotions/discounts. besides, Brazillian are pricey, usually around rm100-170 depending on where you go.

i should have known better that this deal was too good to be true. FML.

i dropped by midvalley a couple of days before and decided to check out the place. made an appointment for 6pm last tuesday. i went early to shop a bit and reached the place slightly before six. and boy, was i annoyed when they said that there was NO APPOINTMENT made for that day! i personally dropped by the other day to make the appointment, wtf do you mean no appointment?!

she asked if i could wait a bit because the therapist would only be available around 6.30pm. okay fine. i was not impressed but since i was there already, i thought what-the-heck. i'll just waste another 30minutes.

i went back again at 6.30pm, but the therapist was not available yet. apparently her colleague went out and was stuck in a traffic jam and she needs to watch the counter blablabla. fine. i waited till 7 and started to get very annoyed. i am not a very patient person. especially when i have already made an appointment. whats the point of making an appointment if you're made to wait anyway? gah!

anyway, i finally got to do it around 7.15pm. the nice part was that they actually provide this nice lil shower room (prolly intended for the tanning purposes though) where you get to freshen up before the session. they had nice little room for waxing and played some good music and my therapist, Gin, was a nice girl, friendly and sweet girl.

but that was as far as the nice part goes.

i thought that she, as a therapist, was rather unprofessional and unhygienic as well. she wore gloves of course, but i was unimpressed that she double/triple/dont know how many times dipped the spatula for the hot wax. i did not notice at first because i was busy talking to her but when i noticed, i asked her politely why does she not change it. she just laughed it off.

i asked her politely again and told her that its unhygienic. she replaced it with a new one for me but insisted that she changes the spatulas for every different customer and its still clean anyway wtf.

and then i saw that she would re-use the wax strip (used to rip out your hair) double/triple times and i asked her again why doesnt she use a fresh one every time, or at least use the other end of the wax strip. she just giggle and said that because there were still stray hairs blablabla. but quickly replaced it with a fresh one.

since she was sweet and polite, i just brushed the matter aside and forgotten about it. but she did it again. and i had to tell her off EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN TIME!

seriously loh. i think it's really unprofessional to laugh it off when you should have apologized. it is your professionalism here you're laughing about!!

so if any of you want to go there for Brazilian waxing, please. don't.

it didnt hurt though. but then again. i think it has nothing to do with the therapist lah. i just have really high tolerance of pain, even in private regions from all the plucking, waxing, and epilating through the years.

i'll probably go back there for full legs waxing (since i still got another session under the deal), but not for the Brazilian. private areas are far too delicate to deal with lack of hygiene and unprofessional-ism. luckily i did not develop some kind of rash or irritation or whatever.

*rolls eyes*

moral of the story, dont fall for deals which are too good to be true.

on a happier note, i watch Megamind at Signature Gardens afterwards.

it was HILARIOUS. really. i am not quite a cartoon person, i've got no childhood wtf.

but since i was introduced to Open Season, Happy Feet, Ratatouille, Shrek, Toy Story, UP and and the recent Despicable Me, and some other cartoons which i cannot think of right now, i have a growing fondness for animations. at least the ones in movies. their sense of humour. simply hilarious.

its not the usual superhero-predictable-storyline-cliched kind of movie. it's funny, original and heartwarming. watch it! =)

on a side note, i kind of think that rm19 for Premier Class isnt worth it. dont even talk about Gold Class. simply ridiculous. honestly, for rm38, i'ld rather get an original copy and have extra money to buy treats and sit home comfortably and watch it over and over again. maybe i'm just 'kiam' like that. (if only i am 'kiam' like that when it comes to my shoes, and bags, and clothes, and aiya but thats a completely different story)

but really.

if you think about it. assuming an average movie ticket is rm10, and you go for a movie every week.

your movie ticket - rm10
your date's/gf/bf - rm10
tidbits/popcorn/drinks - rm8
a total of rm28 every movie session

4 times a month makes it rm112. in a year, you'ld spend a whooping rm1344!!

honestly i'ld spend the money buying DVDs (or just downloading them) and invest in a good home teater system and HD player for the tv. it's so much more comfortable to snuggle up in your own couch, wearing your comfy PJs and furry slippers, hugging your soft pillows, and have a cup of hot chocolate and whatever junkfood you enjoy.

no need for putting on make up and fancy dress and heels for movie dates. i dont get girls who do that really, whats the point? no one sees it anyway since its so dark and everyone is more interested in their own date/movie wtf.

no need to get annoyed with stupid front/side seats or when someone really tall sits in front of you and blocks your view. or be so pissed over the person behind who kicks your seat over and over again, or the person in your row which shakes his legs and munches on his popcorn really really loudly. or get angry when there are kids in the cinema and they start wailing or crying or making noise wtf. or be distracted by the person who laughs too loud, or keep having to 'shhhh' the nearby people who keep whispering to each other throughout the movie. oh, and movie-spoilers who keep asking questions or telling their friends whats gonna happen next because they have seen it before. and not having to deal with the uncomfortable seats and extra cold halls.

ah. bliss.

but then again, you will be boring-stay-home-lazy-person (like me!) and there'll be no reason to doll up anymore or go for nice little dates and be mushy and romantic and crap like that and THEN, you'ld start complaining how dull and meaningless your life is becoming and wail over it (like me!) because you stay home most of the time.

oh well. life.

and i watched Rapunzel, A Tangled Tale yesterday at MBO cineplex, Kepong Village Mall.

i think MBO is far better than overrated GSC and lousy TGV. the seats are really comfy, the surround system is good, tickets are cheaper (if i'm not mistaken), no pre-movie advertisements/sneak previews, no queue and no crowd.

oh, on a side note, if you think Kepong Village Mall is anything like Bangsar's one, ie high classed/shopping destination/hip place to be seen, be prepared to be very disappointed because it is a Tesco joint and you know how Tesco places are. middle-classed, cheap boutiques, minimal stores, family-oriented and dead. it does have a small Celebrity Fitness gym though. the place is perfect for grocery shopping and movie trips since its relatively empty. =)

back to Rapunzel. it is a good musical animation based on Disney's Rapunzel, but with a funny twist. honestly other than the fact that i (vaguely) remember Rapunzel as a girl with really long hair stuck in tower and rescued by a prince, i cant really remember how the story goes.

the beginning was REALLY REALLY FUNNY. Flynn's (male lead) humor and silly things Rapunzel says, hilarious. cute animations and exaggerated expressions of Maximus, the horse and Pascal, the pet chameleon was just ingenious. but there were moments which made me cry. like when the King teared thinking of his lost princess, it was heart wrenching.

and the lantern moment.

it was so beautiful it made me cry. i felt exactly how i felt when i was at Disneyland some years ago watching amazing fireworks with the backdrop of Disney castle. it was magical.

for that moment, i felt like i was a child, full of hopes and dreams again =)

on a side note horr, i satisfied my maggi craving today. i know maggi is fat food and a big sin for diet but sigh. sometimes have to give in to 'treats' to help in a long run and avoid binging.

relatively more expensive though, rm5.49 for 4 packets.
maybe cause it is made of wheat instead of flour and baked instead of fried. when you boil the noodles, the water doesnt turn yellow, like how it happens to usual instant noodles due to all the oil.

It is high in fibre (about 3g) and low in fat (only 1g), thus, not FAT food. *delusional and trying to cheat self wtf*

bomb you with pictures of sad toytoy few days ago while i was busy studying for yesterday's exam.

okay. abrupt end of post.

excuse the bare face and big-small eyes. it was 7 in the morning, i had not slept yet and was craving for dimsum. =)


lazy doggie said...

haha...thx for d comment on MBO den i will go for harry potter der wif my bro..if dey have it der..:) hmm..actually u r so much nearer to me now..if u need nice food in kepong ask me la..i will help u if i noe =))
n its so much easier to meet u for yumcha actually =.=
oo yea..opposite kepong village got a stretch of shops rite..der got d tanjung dua restaurant wif small stalls de..d spag wif choices like fish fillet or chic chop is nice..can go have a try if u r der in d morn =)
n i noe u very suang la fin exam liao..tsk..... :P

-LuVeRGaL- said...

haha. dont you have to study? tsktsk.

but yeah, mbo is quite good, seats comfy, and not many people. but u shud go on time instead of 5-10mins late b

but i've not been to eat nearby kepong village woh. except for Momo Steamboat. =)

cz it starts ON TIME.

yaya. actually i live quite near kepong now lo. after exam ask u yumcha and food hunting =) ngee. now go study already >.<

-LuVeRGaL- said...

oops. my comment was distorted.

haha. dont you have to study? tsktsk.

but yeah, mbo is quite good, seats comfy, and not many people. but u shud go on time instead of 5-10mins late bcz it starts ON TIME.

but i've not been to eat nearby kepong village woh. except for Momo Steamboat. =)

yaya. actually i live quite near kepong now lo. after exam ask u yumcha and food hunting =) ngee.

now go study already >.<

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