Thursday, December 2, 2010

Social Network-ing

food bomb first =)

breakfast/brunch/lunch at HongKee, Kepong Aman Puri.
the usual 'siew mai', prawn dumplings, pork ribs, 'fu chok' rolls and scallop 'siew mai'.

and i watched The Social Network

[spoilers and ramblings begin now]
[which means if you have not watched the movie,
or if you are in the midst of exams, or if you're trying to speed read this while waiting for your movie to load or if you have better things to do, you can end reading here and continue later when you really have the time. thankyouverymuch,comeagain]

the movie is about the founding of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg (real FB founder) alleged that it was fictional and made up but scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin insisted its factual and research-based and very close to the true story.

its quite a debate on fact vs fiction which i read up a bit on, but i shall not bore you with the details. i believe people just dont like others to write about them if they are not the heros/good guys. especially if it's untrue/partially true/biased/unappealing/not to their advantage/whatever reason they can think of.

i shall spare you of the details. go research if you really interested because i did and its too detailed and would hog my space. there are quite a lot of interesting facts too by the way.

apparently The Social Network was one of the most highly anticipated movie of the year. because it is based on the Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich, with an amazing cast of handsome men. well, except the lead Jesse Eisenberg which is portrayed as cold, calculated and sadistic.

nevermind that. come i show you.

Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker
first picture is his 'normal' self, second is him in the movie.its kind of ironic really to see a pop star playing the founder of Napster, which is a music sharing network that causes him to lose millions from record deals, no?

honestly i nearly could not recognize him in the movie. normally JT portrays himself as a mysterious cool man with very sexy goatee. The kind of man girls drool about and fantasize when they play with their shower heads.

JT, in the movie, is portrayed as a smooth clean shaven guy with boyish charms. and skinny. apparently he lost weight to look younger =(. maybe that or its the hair (or lack of hair). i still prefer him with the military hair and sexy goatee. *grins dreamily*

Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin
no offense but i wouldnt have thought that a man with a cartoon as his last name can be this handsome. THIS HANDSOME.

i know. i prefer the first picture also. with the longer hair because he kinda looks gay-ish in second picture in the right. (which is how he looks in the movie)

god please dont tell me he's gay. he cant be. just look at him.

fuck. look at how hot he is. i think i could have an orgasm in my seat just staring at his the dreamy eyes and manly charm. sigh.

i have a thing for the whole scruffy, manly and rough look. in short, bad boy look. he's the kind of guy i would shag anytime of the day. i'm just kidding. no really. *grins dreamily again*

Armie Harmer as the Winklevoss twins
his face was superimposed onto Josh Pence, a Ralph Lauren model, who (who played the other twin's body) because the directors could not find suitable identical twin. i dont mind really. because he is really hot too. =)

the movie started of with a 3min scene of Mark and his girlfriend arguing. you all must be trying so hard to keep up. (don't lie! i had a hard time also) and merely grasped bits and pieces of what Mark was trying to say. i would salute the person who was able to fully grasp what his nonchalant cold rapid-fire monotonous dialogue was all about. because apparently it took 99 takes! and ran eight freggin script pages!!

i was so confused in the beginning because there was a lot of ramblings and fast-talking and dry humor and details and switching back and forth in a flashback manner. okayfine.

because i'm retard like that. i'm the kind of person people don't like to go for artistic/complicated/brainy movies with because i cannot understand shit and will keep bugging others to explain to me. while the movie is going on. what. dont judge me c'mon.

the movie reminded me a lot of the recent Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. timeless story of greed, deception, betrayal and the rising of success.

The Social Network is a tad bit confusing with too much details to comprehend in the beginning but once you stop trying so hard to grasp its intricateness and look at the bigger picture they are trying to convey, you'ld be impressed with how brilliant the movie really is.

it is not my usual comedy/romance/simple kind of movie which makes me laugh. this movie makes me laugh, but from a different approach. the humor is dry, witty yet funny nevertheless if you grasp it. it is clever, articulate and smart.

the kind of psychology movie which completely fucks me up.

but keeps me wanting more.


lazy doggie said...

well..i did manage to fin reading it at 7am now...ltr 8.30am exam =.= sighz..wish me luck den...n d cinema will one day no movies anymore for u when u r watching it SO frequent...check out warehse sales lor..:))

-LuVeRGaL- said...

hahahahaha =) good luck worr! warehouse sales? where? what? when?

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hehehe...kose got warehse sale leh..

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haha k la..enuf of spams..n sns website u can click more on previous entries..for d past 2 weeks auite a number of warehse sales actually :P but dunno u interested anot oni XD

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