Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new layout and birthday shoutout

oh crap. its 4.15am already?

freshly taken. i'm a certified night owl.

i come alive at night wtf. take picture in the day also not so vibrant as those taken at night.

and in case you havent noticed (which i doubt), i updated my blog template. and realised i was damn stupid in my first attempt because all the while i was cracking my head trying to read html codes which dont make sense, new blogger templates have new easy ways of doing it wtf.

waste my time and effort only.

new layout isnt much different. the theme and concept is the same but perhaps just more organized i hope? computer crashed and i have not downloaded photoshop to edit nice nice pictures yet. so simply use this header first lah.

i quite like it though cause its very casual and laid back. maybe i'd just stick to this for now.

*covers lazy face*

oh and i got nail art again. supposed to be Christmas-themed with white snowflakes and all. but super fail. stupid manicurist who was rushing to finish up ruined it all. dulan.

not a very clear picture but its very obvious that the hearts were not done properly as the colors are not even well applied wtf. dulan. fucking waste my rm25.

end of this week go get a proper christmas nail art.


one of my oldest, bestest friend. eight years, still going strong and still counting =)

hope you had an awesome time at both of the pre-birthday bash because i definitely did. im still waiting for the pictures, but at the time being, just a quick picture to remind you of great times we shared first.

music playing. lights dimmed and disco lights light the dance floor.

"oh myyyy.....oh myy gosh!"

*everybody screams and puts hands up in the air*

"...Party like, like it's the end of the world, We gonna party like, like it's 2012..."

look forward to seeing you again. may all good things go your way and for your life to be blessed with great things.

stay awesome and as cliched as it may sound, may we be best friends forever! =)

i just realised that we did not have a picture together from saturday night at your place =( but anyways, end post with me and irene enjoying awesome pork ribs your mama made!

goodnight all and i shall dream of seafood pie!

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