Tuesday, December 14, 2010


oh. did i mention irene love came to ipoh for the weekends? we had heaps of fun and took GAZILLION pictures. i think it was the first time after we left college that we actually slept together! how time passes.

i simply upload 10 random (or not) shots la okay cause my blog so dead for so long already. was busy with catching up and hanging out ma.

oh, and the computer was severely infected with virus. i tried but still cannot figure out this stupid complex creature yet. ish. tomorrow send to computer shop lah wtf crack head so hard for what fml.

again. excuse the grainy quality of pictures. satio completely died on me so i'm contemplating on whether to get a digital cam or a semi pro,

or just stick to taking grainy pictures.

oh well. bomb you with my fav pic of all first!
i was on the phone when irene love snapped this pwetty pic =)

so i snapped pretty pictures of her also!

vanity overload.



#8 supposed to be sexy lesbo pic but completely fail fml.


雨银 said...

u both really look alikee!!

lazy doggie said...

haha d laz one is nice n lovey dovey feel finally...

-LuvergalViv- said...

hah. we dont look alike la ma. we're pretty in our own ways =)

hehe. thanks huiyee.