Thursday, December 9, 2010

of staying home too much

cold dish of a relative's wedding dinner last night.

honestly i hate chinese wedding dinners. especially those of faraway relatives. where you dont really know them but due to courtesy, oblige to the invitation with a big fat angpow. then,

wait an hour before the event begins, thanks to malaysian timing.
wait an extra thirty minutes for food to be served and would be starving d
overstuff your face with food and still waste enough to feed an african school
sit for hours with a plastered smile while listening to aunties rant on and on
engage in fake empty conversations with people who initiate small talk
listen to people who cant sing, but insist on singing to torture all 300+ guests
oblige to too many irritating 'yum seng' by drunken uncles

it is just over rated.

but then again, its part and parcel of our life, and culture perhaps? chinese are always kiasu. everyone wants to have the grand, grand-er, grand-est wedding among all.

wait. you all just wait till i get married. i will have 100 tables! beat that. hmph!

nah. i'm just kidding. fake and unrelated people poking their noses into my private life pretending like they care when they really want to know about the cracks of the relationship and how long the marriage will actually last. kepo about how much sex you are having and when you will have kids, or how fat/fake you look in you wedding pictures, and how much you earn to afford grand wedding or how extravagant your honeymoon is going to be.

no thanks.

ANYWAY, it is still a reason to doll up for =)

fine. i am not that pretty la. i obviously photoshopped myself.

call me outdated but i just discovered the awesome art of photoshop. more like i was too lazy to learn previously. T_____T

and it is addictive i tell you. more than stupid games i play or drama series. i can spend hours, day after day trying to sculpt a perfect barbie look.

talk about vanity and narcissism.

forgive me. as i said, i stay home too much and have nothing better to do than stare at my face, pick out my flaws and attempting to fix them.

oh well. need to revive my blog cause its so dead with too little pictures and too much words. enjoy my over- photoshopped pictures.

dont be quick to judge, i'm still learning =)

i'm not going to post original pictures though. go rummage my archives for it if you're that interested. when you photoshop too much, you'll start to hate what you see in the mirror or the originals. =S

you see. now everyone can have flawless porcelain skin, big doe eyes, extravagant lashes, perfect defined nose and pout, skinny body and sculptured jawline/face shape.

can throw away all fake lashes, hair extensions, make up stuff and facial products already. no need diet like mad or wax your legs anymore. no need to spend money for slimming sessions, photoshoots, cosmetic surgery or anything at all.

just hide forever behind, or in front, of the computer
learning and perfecting THE art of deceiving people.

photoshop, you're officially my best friend now.

like mama said, dont believe what you see on the internet.

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lazy doggie said...

very very lame lor u...hahahahha...watever...a good entertainment after my exams.. XD n..u look better la..either brush up ur skill..or jz show d real u la..susah susah buat pe...LOL