Monday, December 27, 2010


i slept for 18hours today! fuh. head hurts like mad and i dont know how i'm going to sleep tonight. fml.

i had a so-so Christmas.

spent the first half of the Eve working and when the clock struck midnight, i missed the countdown and nearly sprained my ankle. fml. spent the second half of the night partying away and feeling like an asshole due to some stupid reasons. woke up with a hangover and getting upset with KL traffic, impossible search for parking and the insane amount of people in Times Square.

intended to go for Christmas dinner, which did not happen in the end because we were stuck in almost 3hours of massive jam that we had to skip that altogether wtf. i got so wasted from drinking on an empty stomach. that i didnt even realize my phone's back cover and battery fell apart. thus, no pictures of christmas until i get a new cover or a new phone altogether. and broadband's being such an asshole. sigh.

at least there's photoshoot tomorrow for me to look forward to =) until then, enjoy the last of 2010 and happy new year!

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