Thursday, December 30, 2010

xiulailai tuesday

woke up past noon and went for lunch with L, then, photoshoot with the girls, which went quite well i suppose. look forward to see the pictures! *squeals*


oh and notice the different make up =) cat eyes woots!

spent the rest of the afternoon running some errands. which explains the bystanders and people nearby in my camwhore shots.

went to Gardens later and window shopped a bit. LaSenza never fail to make girls (or men) happy =)

settled down in Alexis alone for tea, though it was dinner time already =)

see the little rose made from serviette in the picture below?
that's from their waiters who had nothing better to do than to flirt. oh. and that was because they thought i was Filipino wtf.

seriously? i dont look all chinese i know. most people would mistaken me for malay/mixed due to my tanned skin, but Filipino, really?

excuse me hor, but Filipino girls in Msia are mostly maids who hang out in obnoxious groups who talk loudly, have terrible sense of cheap fashion, wear cakey foundation and gaudy lipstick, carry fake Gucci bags, speak horrible english with their native accent AND definitely wont be having tea in bistros.

so leave me alone and go flirt with your Filipino girls wtf brainless fuckers.

passion fruit tea and honey. Tiramisu cake.

the tea was great with honey and had a very sweet scent. the cake was just heavenly and very sinful with almond and nuts topping, chocolate flakes in between layers and the raspberry sauce on the sides =D

Filipino ftl.

after almost two hours of stoning in Alexis, Mini came and we went shopping for mattress topper which turned out to cost almost a thousand bucks, the price for a good night's sleep wtf. a perfect bed is made of a good durable mattress for ultimate support, comfortable feather mattress toppers, soft (or hard) pillows according to individual preference, luxury sateen sheets of high thread count, AND warm silky smooth comforters.

now you know why luxury hotel beds are SUPER COMFY and cost a bomb!!

if you have been to Midvalley's jusco's bedding section, you would know what i mean by HAVE to eat their asam laksa. the spicy sourish aroma sets you craving for it like mad from afar. once you sit down and sip the first of the asam soup base, you'll know you want another bowl.


oh crap. just looking at this picture itself makes me hungry again wtf.

shopped till the shops closed and went to sunway for some drinks with Mini <3

we had a bottle of House wine at Borneo Rainforest.

CYT Chardonnay from Chile.

Fruity and delicate, with notes of herbs, tropical fruits and vanilla. Fresh balanced and refreshing with a little sweetness and long-lasting flavour.(Google '10)

it was really good. very refreshing, smooth with tad bit of sweetness. i made a mental note to myself to look for it next time at the wine cellar. until i saw the price for it online just now.

£5.25 or approx rm25 wtf.
which we paid rm150 for fml.

oh right. remember Malaysia has the 2nd highest duty on alcohol IN THE WORLD? the first was Norway. hello government, do you by now realize already that increasing the taxes does NOT discourage people from drinking or smoking but leads to lots of smuggling and bigger issues like black market alcohol and drugs or not??



mini love

the love for leopard printed sexiness =)

front row table woots =)

we were walking to Alive to join the girls when we saw LOK LOK OMGGG!!!!

i was like the happiest girl then cause i'm a super huge fan of lok-lok, especially after drinks!!! the piping hot savoury goodness to cap off the alcohol. perfect.

grabbed a few sticks, sat down, ate and talked for almost an hour. was feeling dead tired by then instead of Alive already, decided to go straight home =)

and i had a full hour hot bath before going to bed. oh the good life. =D


kuromeowiie said...

yr makeup looks HAWT!>< i wish i could fo that 0=
and im dreaming for alexis all the time laa~ =p

-LuvergalViv- said...

hehe =) go one day la. their food are good!!

Jiashinlee said...

i love the leopard heels where did you get em?

-LuvergalViv- said...

mine (in silver and black) is from NOSE. my friend's one is imported from US.