Saturday, December 18, 2010

so Lun Sky die already or not?

the whole Alviss story is over rated.

many people kill themselves quietly and leave with their pride and dignity intact. but he chose to make a big deal out of it. so he's got all the attention now.

happy now Alviss wherever you are?!?

of course he had the right to commit suicide, now that he successfully did it, who's going to tell him he did not have the right?

when a friend committed suicide half a year ago, i blogged about it and mentioned that killing yourself takes a lot of courage and faith and i still think suicide is a person's right.

*which reminds me of my project paper on right to die is still pending and i have not started on it yet. wtf sidetracked.*

but killing yourself 'out of love' and making sure the whole world knows so that your family, ex girlfriend and friends are laughing stocks of the world and embarassed by your ball-less act? how smart.

some people are forced to the brim due to bankruptcy and major debts and illness sufferings, but killing yourself because your girlfriend left you is just ridiculous, not to mention very selfish. no, correction:

killing yourself because your girlfriend left you AND making a big fuss out of it, is just stupid.

many people have had their lives taken away by accidents, illness or murdered, and many people are fighting for their lives even though they are paralyzed or faced with substantial problems which make them feel that life is not worth living anymore.

but him, with the handsome face and able body, chose to forgo everything and kill himself. how smooth.

i hope he gets stoned in hell by the very people whose lives were taken away from them reluctantly.

and dying doesnt solve anything does it? if his point of dying was to touch his girlfriend's heart, i dont think he succeeded in it. i bet she even hates him more for making her a laughing stock of the world. even if she does regret leaving him and is touched by his suicide, does it matter? its not like they can be together now anyway.

he could have just did little romantic things to win her heart back, or cry for days and emo for weeks until the tears dry out and just move on.

but he chose to jump to his death. i dont get it. killing yourself in the name of love? is that supposed to be love? everyone goes through phrases. everyone goes through heartbreaks. move on. it's not easy but


out of sight out of mind, new people will come along, life will keep you occupied. as long as you are alive, there will be one day, even after months and years, time will heal a big part of the broken hearts and bless them will better things in life.

and why are stupid people on facebook idolizing him and proposing holiday for his 'courageous' act? idiots.

so is the desperate-for-attention Lun Sky. another idiot. if you want to die, please do it quietly and leave with your dignity instead of making a fool out of yourself by being a copycat and appearing on national tv.

if he dies, he's just another idiot. if he doesn't die, i hope he'll get stoned to death anyway because he's just pathetic loser.

so LunSky die already or not? tell me cause i cant read chinese wtf. and can we all get over these stupid issues already and deal with more serious issues like world peace/politics/whatever it is? this whole suicide thing is over rated.

*rolls eyes*

peace out =)

oh, and by the way, my hair color is photoshoped. i just thought that purple would look good on me in this picture, no?


Cassy said...

Yeaa Its like a trend now lol. Hope none of these will happen again.. :x anyway nice blog :DD

isroxck said...

Yes. Time heals everything. Suicide's never an option to solving a problem !

-LuvergalViv- said...

thankyou cassy =) and isroxck, exactly. time wil heal. idiots dont get it.

Elvin said...

The thing I can't stand the most is that people created dozens of pages to like wishing him luck.hahaha. why not they wish others who have hard times and still alive to face it luck instead

-LuvergalViv- said...

exactly! its such a shameful act and yet people still think so highly of him. atrocious! what is this world becoming?

Elvin said...

Oh and I just notice the last picture, Purple does look good on you. hahaha

Anonymous said...


Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Oh I thought Lun Sky just trying to be famous. I did read from the newspaper that he regretted about it. :D

PS : Oh man, you look so gorgeous!

-LuvergalViv- said...

awww. thankyou roslyn! so are you =)

TOLANIC said...

Don't care about those losers! They are not a gentleman. They are weak and have a mental problem.

Hey, you look pretty in this picture.

Sam said...

I won't take my words back. 'This Alviss Kong guy is really.. really selfish. How would his mom and dad think of their son committing suicide over some lala girl who dumped him and had zero appreciation over 16 years of raising him up and putting him in a good school? hmmm infatuated kids these days....' Good read on your blog :)

-LuvergalViv- said...

@tolanic, yeah. they definitely have some mental/personality problem. thanks btw =)

@sam, indeed very selfish of him. what a waste of his parents hard work and effort to raise him wtf.

Zazabong said...

Yea u r rite, ppl ought to cherish their lives and suicide for love is stupid.

-LuvergalViv- said...

thanks zazababe! =)