Tuesday, January 4, 2011

christmas and new year at a glance.

before i forget, my sidebar does not seem to appear. do you guys see it though?

i actually promised myself i'll not update/ online until i finish my assignments but fml here i am. just a quick glance of my christmas and new year before it gets so overdued, chucked in a corner and forgotten completely.

christmas eve at times square.

other than the fact that i usually go for christmas countdowns, i dont actually celebrate christmas. no turkey-and-champagne dinner or gift exchange. my life sucks like that i know.

but L got me a Ralph Lauren set and a Guess bracelet AND made me feel like an asshole because....


well, because i really am. =.=

For him.

woohoo. i look tall =)

just a quick pixlog of the second half of my Christmas eve, since the first half before countdown was spent working. so yeah.

outfit of the day. tight red tube dress with lace trimmings and lace back =)

guess who was my christmas date?


my one and only irene love =)

my drinking buddies came over to countdown at gsix but because i was busy working before midnight, by the time i was free, some of them left already =(

that peace sign is not my finger. i dont do lala peace signs tqvm.

more camwhoring with xmas hats. it only happens once a year what.

oh dont be fooled by her innocent looks =)


*party like a rock star*

*put your hands up in the air*

hahaha lala peace sign wtf.

crap it was supposed to be a group picture but i unintentionally cut off everyone and focus on my irene love only =.=

May, on the left. drinking buddy from 2008. oh how time flies =)

my soulmate love, i'm glad i found you too =)

and i wanna rock the rest of my life with you because you complete me! muahhh~

New year Eve.

casual outfit of the day.

last dinner of 2010 at The Spread, Gardens Residences.

the buffet spread was not very extensive, good enough though. a lil overpriced for the published rate of rm168 per pax, if you ask me. but then again it's hotel standard so yeah.

i chose gravlax, smoked salmon and raw scallops as starters.

soup as appetizers. wild mushroom on the left and crabroe-sea cucumber on the right.

my rojak platter of sashimi, pasta & broccoli salad, cold mushrooms, roasted lamb and prime beef ribs with cranberry sauce =)

raw lobster, oyster and mussels on the left
french desserts and cakes on the right yum.

more desserts FML. sesame ice cream with nuts, cakes, cookies and dried fruits.
okay my diet fail completely la fml. aih. i'm such a sucker for buffets. =(

spent new year eve working. exactly like last year. but i did not even sell half the amount of bottles i managed to sell last year fml. this year though, i did not get to watch the fireworks from the timber deck. =( i have always had a soft spot for fireworks as it always makes me all mushy teary romantic inside.

2010 passed with a blink of eye.

it had not been the best year because lots of shit happened. accidents, betrayal, departures, and responsibilities all came at once. but it made me stronger and a happier person. i hope 2011 would be better =)

i ushered in the new year of 2011 with the release of hundreds of balloons, people cheering and confetti blast in the club.


slacking off and enjoying new year celebration with Mini =)

i'm not gonna bother with new year resolutions. because i dont stick to them anyway fml. but i will TRY to be a better, happier, stronger and more matured person.

happy new year again! *hugs and kisses*

goodnight all =) i'm super lazy to go back to classes tomorrow sigh.

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