Friday, December 31, 2010

the eve of The Eve

it's 5.48am and i just got home after a long night out and a hot bath. just gonna quickly upload some pictures of tonight before hitting the sheets because i doubt i'll be updating soon. *aiks*

definitely wonderful that even after a WHOLE YEAR of absence, Cocobanana managers still know me BY MY NAME!!!

eat that hah! =)

oh. night was partly ruined by the fact that drug enforcement officers came and raid the place around midnight. the music stopped and i was telling irene that i hope it isnt a raid and BOOM, they started to announce loudly that they were from drug enforcement and everybody was to surrender our ICs. fuck.

this picture was taken while we were waiting for our turn for the urine test. which we did not do in the end because it took forever, so we just 'tricked' our way out of the club. fuckourlives. suay till like this ish.

dont worry though. we're both fine. continued drinking outside while the raid went on inside, until club resumed operations around 1.30am. we had a great night nevertheless =)

Irene <3>
oops. flash overload.

it was great to go back to where a huge chunk of my memories belong, to bump into and talk to friends who reminded me of the bittersweet past. time really flies. there'll always be a hint of bitterness, but what is past, is past. moving into 2011 tonight and i hope it holds better things for the future, and for the people i love =)


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HenRy LeE ® said...

Hey… I hope it's not too late to wish you a happy new year 2011! :)