Thursday, January 6, 2011

how coffee fucks me up.

it's like 6.17am right now and i am still awake. thanks very much coffee. you fuck me up. i'm crazy tired but i cant sleep. my heart is pounding like mad. all kinds of nonsense going through my head. its raining now no wonder my back, neck and knees ache. am i getting old? ohno. i am not even 21 yet i dont want to die. oh wait i do.

gah, i have a ton of things to do and worry about. my emotions are overwhelming. i am having bad feeling about things. i cant get started on my assignments. insomnia makes me ramble rubbish. i need somebody to talk to but i am the only person in the world who is awake. i am stoned. i need another drink. i want to sleep goddamnit why was i such a smarty pants to have coffee in the first place.

okay i need to calm down. i am hungry now fml.

i wanna have loklok =(

i am simply going through my recent photos in hopes that pictures of food will suppress my crazy cravings.

toytoy love is asleep on my bed and i dont wanna wake him up though i really need to pee. dogs are light sleepers and i love him to the bits.

sigh. i miss my equally vain soulmate love like mad =(

make me laugh. i am depressed over coffee. seriously.

"okay drama queen knock it off. "
"it's not me, blame the coffee."

i just love how blonde and happy i look in this picture.



domokun said...

lol u post all the niceeee food lol i cant slp too because of coffee..try nt to drink that so much:) btw..u look sweet in the last pic^^

-LuvergalViv- said...

thanks darling! but i drank only one mug =( caffeine intolerant i suppose sigh.

lazy doggie said...

heyz..imma is BACK!! :P obviously u will noe it when u open fb coz its loaded wif our pic :P anyway we check out ur blog when we r der..haha..c..we do care for u =)) n we r discussing did irene changed her phone to bbm ady?? :P

-LuvergalViv- said...

heya. finally u reappear jor =) thanks for the love <3 and yes, J bought for her wan.