Monday, January 10, 2011

drunk party girl photoshoot (sneak preview)

it's been a busy weekend but i just HAVE to blog right now!

remember i mentioned about a photoshoot?

it was actually a shoot for a fundraiser with the theme of a tired hungover party girl. i finally got the pictures and they turned out really really good!!! i loved the outcome of it and i hope you guys do too!!!

i'm still looking through the pictures but meanwhile, here's a quick sneak preview!








one of my favs =)

there are tons more to come so do stick around!! =D

meanwhile, do check out their website HERE, and HERE. do support them because they are really awesome!

thanks to the photographers Denise and Alisya. and also to Andrea, Sarah and FennLing. you guys rock!!


domokun said...

haha i like the last one and the 6th.wuhooo sounds interesting XDXD

-LuvergalViv- said...

=) thanks. there are many more to come! do go n check out their page and support them =DDD