Friday, February 8, 2008

chinese new year again? sigh

cny again?
makes not much difference anyway
the same frown on all the aunties faces every year again and again
to see my drastic changes
the same sarcastic remarks my mum always throws
the weighing scale meter increasing by the day
the tempting and not to mention fattening new year goodies
the cute little kids
the beautiful firecrackers
the juicy fat red packets
nothing's different
it's just a new year
what's the big fuss?
does it matter how expensive your new handphone is
or how much you spent(or bound to spend) on your daughter studying overseas
or how many thousand dishes for dinner(which are bound to enter the rubbishbin anyway)
or how much stock of expensive cookies, delicacies and beer there is in the house
or how expensive is the liondance performance you hired
or how expensive is reunion dinner with abalone and shark's fin and the giant prawn
or how much you spent for new year preparations
or how much you earned last year
or how much your new car costs
the list goes on and on
but what matters the most is the company of friends and family and loved ones during the festivals
wouldn't these be much better
minus all the bragging and sarcasm
if people were to spend more time sharing
than comparing wealth and chasing after materialism
minus all the big fuss and shit and everything
simplicity is always the best

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