Tuesday, April 22, 2008

back again...=( sick and tired

back again?
to the home of shit!
it's only my 3rd day back to
somewhere called 'home'
i'm so tired of all the
sacarstic remarks
all the crappy stuff they say
all the sick stuff they accuse me of
all the stupid scoldings
all the mad screamings
all the sacarstic fights
all the shit i go through at 'home'
i'm sick and tired!
i'd rather be in a new place far away from 'home'
where i do not have to go through all these shitty stuff
a new place where i am free
to live the life i want to
to cope with my life
the way i want it..
i just want this three months to pass quickly
i want to be with my baby again
i miss him so badly
i want him by my side
to take me through all these...

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