Sunday, April 27, 2008

after all we've been through, i want us to still be cool

i kan believe it
there was so many ppl in parade today
and so coincidently i met danny again
my heart was racing
i have no idea why
it's my first time meeting him again after so long
after he finally stopped bugging me
i saw his friends
then i saw him
i just looked blurly at him
hoping he would smile at me
i bet he saw me
he just pretended he didn't know me and tried to act like he was happy
without me
but deep inside i know
it hurt him to see me again
i'm not unhappy or hurt
i'm just disappointed that it has to be this way
i mean
we used to be so in love
such a sweet couple
i brushed him away
i saw him again in the cinema lounge
he saw me
but again he pretended to laugh a long with his friends and be happy
this time
i held a guy friend's hand
and walked in front of him just to piss him off
i know it hurt him so much to see me again
and now i'm doing this to him
i'm not angry
i'm not hurt
i'm not sad
i'm absolutely okay
i just don't know why i did that
i want him to really let me go
to really move on
i don't want him pretend he's fine
to pretend to be happy
i want him to really be happy
and for us to be friends again
after all we have been through...

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