Friday, April 25, 2008

to love so much...

he finally got a job
i'm happy
to know that he no longer needs
to be sweating under the scorching sun
to labour and work his ass off
to get sick and hurt due to hard labour
to be drenched in the rain and get sick the next day
to be sick and still need to work
it breaks my heart to see him working that way
now that he is gonna get a new job
why am i still sighing...
he hasn't been working for some time
i know he's financially tight
and finally landing a new job now
i should be happy for him
he got a new job as some 'ah long' under a legal company
at least he doesn't have to work so hard anymore
and of course the pay is rather good
but sigh...
he might be transfered to some other place
i'ld be happy if he's posted to kl or senawang or anywhere near kl n selangor
but what if he is posted to johor or somewhere far away?
i know he will not let me go
i know he does it all for me
but am i willing to waste my youth waiting for something that might not be mine?
i love him
so badly
it brings tears to my eyes

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