Saturday, May 10, 2008


woke up early for an examination
it's the Malaysian University English Test or something like that
my second time sitting for it
what happened during the first time?
i got border line marks
220 marks makes you Band 5
the highest is Band 6 which
very limited people in Malaysia would achieve
i expected band 5
and guess what?
i had 219 marks which was one mark away
from Band 5
what the hell...
my english is not that bad, is it?
went to this torn ugly old school where vandalism is a trend
everything was in bad condition
reminds me of high school days
which i do not want to be reminded of
i conveniently 'forgot' to surrender my phone to the invigilator
and during the exam
this lady in blue was walking pass me when my phone vibrated
i moved my hand over my baggy pants pocket to feel it
it FELL!!!
with a loud thud and flipped over a couple of time
i was shocked
i didn't know whether to pick it up quickly
or pretend nothing happened
the lady picked it up
glared at me, checked my name and gave it to the head invigilator
talk about bad luck
when the exam finally ended
i went to claim my phone and was given a long lecture
i talked to my best friend about the incident
we had different opinions as usual
she talked about her examination system which was really strict
but to me
i've always believed in self control and self discipline
where i never like authorities checking here and there
and i totally hate teachers
i feel that education should make people grow and mature
especially through tertiary education
we are no longer school kids who need extreme supervision
in my college
the rules were lose and yet
nobody cheats or sneak notes or anything
although it was very easy to cheat without getting caught
this is the way examinatons should be
it is not aboutthe body checks before exams or whatever crap
it's about controlling yourself and being independant
without needing other people to check on you
and force you to abide the rules
topic closed
perhaps i have changed in many ways
don't get me wrong
i absolutely hate people who cheat in exams
as it is very unfair to those who really deserve their achievements
i hate the idea of cheating and lying
but students should control themselves well enough
because in the end of the day
cheating brings you nowhere
whether it's career, education, love, friends, financial, family
in whole
cheating only helps you surface for a while if you're lucky
cheaters drown in life anyway
cheating is an easy way out
but it leads nowhere
if you're thinking of cheating
think again
shortcuts to good things in life
comes with consequences

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