Thursday, July 31, 2008


had been shopping quite a lot lately
bought myself a few pairs of shoes
a bling club dress
2 dinner dresses
a few shirts and lingerie
and make up stuff
shorts and leggings
new accessories and really lotsa stuff
from mid valley to bangsar
to sg wang, lot 10, times square and pavillion
great sales great places great deals
supper almost every night
i'm getting FAT!!!
late night movies and kareoke
drinks, drinks and more drinks
i'm proud to say i've gotten over cigarettes
maybe a puff or two occasionally
but i guess i've seriously grown
cash running low n parents grumbling
bout how much i'm spending
bout how i'm living my life
and whatever crap
but sigh.. i can't care much
as long as cash keeps flowing
i love my life
had prom night few nights ago
regret wearing such a short skirt and heels that hurt so badly
the open dance floor that night was really hot!!!
reminded me of the old clubbing days
but it feels weird to dance (slow dance)
with some of my new friends
and course mates
the look in their eyes and the body contact
maybe i'm not as open anymore
i love my boy
and i know how sad he would be to see me in another man's arms
i love him so much
he bought a pair of rings for both of us
i love him so much
he's finally coming back!
i can't wait
i miss him badly

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