Saturday, August 2, 2008

diary of 1st august 2008

woke up unccountable times middle of the night
woke up at 7 due to fogging
wtf! they were fogging at 7 in the morning!
dragged myself to english class at 9
felt stupid
came back and slept awhile
went for lunch at 12
then the battle began
rushing to make up
fussing around my make up and painful lenses in my eyes
fussing about unironed shirts and whether to wear a skirt or pant suit
walked to the faculty
was sweating profusely
debated with the others whether to take a cab to mandarin oriental or not
walked out to lrt station at 1.30 when the sun was blazing hot
n we were sweating under our smart black and white attire
holding our blazers in hand
looking like professionals and yet acting and complaining like kids
made our way to the lrt station
bought tickets
boarded the lrt
had stalkers keep staring at me
got lost in klcc
all 14 of us were lost in middle of nowhere
asked for directions
headed over to mandarin oriental
had some briefings, i was nervous
tony blair was the speaker
royalties are there, judges, ambassadors,
state government officers, lawyers,
ceo of big firms, partners of legal firms, faculties deans and all
i felt so immature and young to be at such a prestigious and professional event
i was stationed at the hotel entrance
to escort perak royalties and state government officers
things ran a little out of hand
big shot people leaving angrily for being rejected at the entrance
as they did not bring their invitations cards
everyone was escorting everyone
and there i was
rushing around ushering royalties,
a few judges
a european and a sweedish ambassador
all the ceo and lawyers
many big shot people
met raja nazrin shah and even spoke to his wife
she was GORGEOUS
got insulted by some senior lawyers =.="
met a really cute 'ang mo lang'
a demonstration was outside
um students from the islamic body protesting against this event
what a disgrace
caught a glimpse of brunei's prince
went for the lecture
was darn tired and fell asleep
woke up, had tea, took pictures
went to klcc
walked around for a bit
debated whether to go for drinks at a pub or pc fair and supper
this particular guy was going and
he really irritated the shit out of me
this particular girl (who i doubt has ever been in a club)
kept boasting about her dancing and flirting skills
and was over excited about going clubbing (1st time)
i really can't stand little kids like that
skipped clubbing and joined the others
lingered around klcc for while
headed to the pc fair
it was huge
many of us went missing
i stuck with louis and jason
bought a notebook coller pad
was dead tired
went out for air
met shuang, anna, andrew and all
stayed for pictures
klcc was gorgeous at night
debated whether to go to titiwangsa or not
debated whether to go to dome for coffee
debated whether to go to bangsar to club
decided not
went back to klcc
had a few drinks
bought tickets
waited for the others whicle sulking bout tired feet
boarded lrt
went back
boarded rapid kl
back to campus
i was dead tired and decided to skip supper
argued with my boy
talked to my roomie
finally fell asleep at 2

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