Thursday, August 7, 2008

busy busy

promised cheahyin to go to midvalley with her laz nite
but i was dead tired
i slept right after classes and was too lazy to dress up
besides, i felt guilty for not studying for the stupid test i had this afternoon
i seriously cannot be bothered with little little assessment tests like this
i don't see what's the fuss over it
sometimes i just feel that people here are too tensed
people need to loosen up a bit
if we take everything too seriously
we would seriously leave no room for ourselves
and make university life stressful
to me, university life is where you learn to be an adult
learn embrace adulthood happily
it's less about scoring great grades and all
i would be satisfied to pass every subject
i want my uni life to be colourful and happening
not just about stupid books, cases and tests...
celebrated will's belated birthday
the cake was great
=p so chocolatey and sinful
was supposed to have a suprise party for jack
but he was out
it just felt different
i miss the crazy days in johore
here, their definition of 'fun' and 'craziness' is just
things they find funny arent that funny
when they think they are doing things really bizarre
to me, it's just nothing
i seriously need to learn how to adapt
with how people run their lives here
or not i'll be sulking and missing the old days more than ever
argued with baby again
i miss the days where we could just talk bout
how happy we were and how much we enjoy each other's company
listen to him tell me sweet stuff
whisper sweet stuff back to him
tell him how much i love him
i have no idea if i'm being insensitive
or is he being over sensitive
i'm busy with my life and i really want him to understand
i don't want my life to revolve only around him
it doesn't mean that i don't love him
i do
it just means that i want us
to have a mature relationship bonded by trust and love
i miss him more than ever

ken called around 1am
talked to him for while
sometimes he really makes me laugh
i really cannot be angry with him for long
he just makes me feel bad for being angry
chungseng called
i was thrilled to hear his voice
haven't spoken to him for ages
tears rolled down my eyes as we were talking
i felt that i really miss the old days
it's just so different now
all of us used to be so close
but now, i just feel far from them
caused by both distance between places and between hearts
don't wanna elaborate
i'm trying hard to learn to move on
move on from all the happiness and the great friendship we shared
move on from all the wonderful memories and crazy stuff we did
i cannot go on missing them
i cannot go on thinking how different life is without them
i HAVE and i WILL move on
today was very much a happy but tiring day
decided to skip contract law tutorial and
went for convo tis noon
was nt as happening as i thought it would be
pictures, hugs, flowers, bears, sun, sweat
suddenly i feel lik wanting to convo
it's just my 2nd month in law skul!
i have at least 4 more years to go
my feet hurt badly
there was a bad jam so we had to walk to the convo hall
i was too smart to wear my pink heels
which were just IMPOSSIBLE to wear and walk such long distance
i was sulking all the time bout painful feet
ken was really nice to listen to me
had lunch and he sent me for class
he can sometimes be so sweet
met ah ma
i'm so happy to see her
i miss her so much!!!
miss those days wher v would talk all nite
miss those days wher she was always there 4 me
miss those days wher she would nag at me
miss her so badly lar seriously
screwed the stupid test and went to the convo bazaar
waited for food to be served for one whole hour
seriously piss me off!
went back to college and saw ken driving past
talked to him
i had extra ticket to mock trial and he said he would love to go
i went back to bathe and dress up
called him at 7.30 and he told me tat he didn't feel well
goddamn.. don't und why he just loves to cancel stuff laz min
grrr...=.=" but i bet i won't be angry with him by tomorrow
called brian
he was nice enough to drive all the way and accompany me
was darn funny, i laughed like shit throughout the whole mock trial
such a waste that ken didn't come
but brian was nice company anyway
towards the end of the show
i started to worry bout unfinished assignment
i'm always procrastinating
god i hate myself
i only did a small part of my assignment
have to pass up on fri morning
no idea how i would finish it
not that i care anyway
i have to sleep
gotta wake at 5
to usher for international law symposiom at pj hilton tmr morning
grrr... hate myself for voluntaring to do it

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