Thursday, August 7, 2008

assignment deadline postponed to next week
am soooooo RELIEVED!
i only slept about 3 hours laz nite
rushing to do my assignment
couldn't finish anyway
had to wake up darn early tis morning
to usher for the international law symposium
there were lotsa delegates and speakers
and judges and ambassadors from japan, korea
europe, philippines and all
lotsa press oso
but there were only about 200 people attending it
it's such a prestigious event
can't believe that only 200 attended and more than half of them are our own law students
i was really moody the whole day
no idea why
guess that lack of sleep affects my mood
i was being so harsh towards everyone this morning
i was tired and i kept thinking about the unfinished assignment
luckily my mood 'came' back around noon
i started laughing and resumed to normal
but i have no idea why
i tend to be cold to my roomie
i just can't stand it sometimes
when she just follows me around everywhere i go
i cannot stand it lar seriously
skipped all classes today
i really wanted to listen to the forums and conference
i slept through almost all of the speeches
seriouusly too tired
my eyelids are darn heavy rite now
i dropped my lippie gloss
dropped a lot of cash
seriously A LOT
i could buy a new g2000 blazer with that money
or loads of shoes
or even anna sui
there's nothing i can do bout it
i'm seriously itching to shop!
hate myself for losing cash
grr... anyway
heading to one U with louis and all tmr
i nid to get a great bday present for my baby
argued badly with him last night
i feel bad
n i'm going out with weiqing this sat nite
no idea where
but i promised myself i will not be drunk and wasted
baby is gonna be FURIOUS i know
a girl has to do what she has to do
i need to feel like a lady
=.=" lol.. who am i kidding?

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paikyen oh said...

heyhey...see..u re missing ur frens too...cant blame me for being sad too last time :P