Sunday, August 3, 2008


at the library again
typing my assignment
am still waiting for my laptop to arrive
goddamn it's darn troublesome
yesterday night went quite okay
ken picked me up at 7
went for dinner at ss2 leo's
the foreign worker there really pissed me off
food was not really nice
but gelato there was awesome!
sadly ken had to leave early
he had some important stuff to attend to
dropped me back at campus around 10
was talking to my baby when Hao called
asked where i was and if i was free
baby was angry that i kept going out
angry that i spent less and less time with him
sigh..i went out anyway
Hao picked me up at almost 11
took me to strawberry fields
ken brought me there 2weeks ago
Hao named a few other places
asked if i wanted to go to Prince Cafe
ken took me there last sun night=.="
what's with the coincidence?
we drove around aimlessly for awhile
headed to bangsar for a drink
baby was damn mad at me
am i being too hard on him? =(
i was really tired of fighting over nothing
Hao sent me back around 2
i accidently stepped on my glasses didn't break but it sorta ran out of shape
fixed it anyway
texted my baby bathed and washed up
fell into a deep sleep and woke up at 12
decided to wake up before
i got my 'post-sleeping' headache
went down and met up with Will
had lunch and talked awhile
walked to the faculty library with Im
why is my blog becoming a diary of stuff i do daily?
gotta go anyway
ken's picking me up at 6
probably shop for convo presents
dinner and catch a movie or so
am crossing my fingers
hoping that baby doesn't get angry again


paikyen oh said...

heyhey...make a chatbox k???hehehe...and how come ur life is full wif everyday guys bringin u out??be careful k?guys do get jealous easily and u dunwan to lose ur baby that is soooo far away from u! :P

-LuVeRGaL- said...

i'll try put a chatbox nt so soon, i'll b goin g bek to ipoh around next weekend.. =p// thnx 4 dropping by..