Saturday, August 9, 2008

had interview for law nite committee just now
suddenly i feel stupid
i said pretty stupid things
but hey,
i did not say i'm perfect
i 'accidently' overslept and missed english class yesterday
i was seriously darn tired
woke up at 12 and called louis
asked him whether he stil wanted to go to one U
had lunch, got dressed and dolled up
i, louis, ong and koksin hopped into a cab
and off we went to one U
i hate myself for wearing heels when i plan to really shop
my feet hurt so badly
loved shopping wif em
dey were such funny people!
n i found out louis had a tattoo on his back
a very artistic gorgeous tattoo
i was drooling over his tattoo
i wanna get a tattoo!!!
i need to!!!
we were walking around aimlessly
from the old wing to the new wing
back and forth for all the floors
i have no idea what to get for baby!
i'm thinking of tattoo-ing his initials
still considering whether i shud anot
saw this gorgeous leather wallet from valentino rudy
simple but there was a little 'V' at the edge
really nice =p
but it's way out of my budget of rm200
walked around aimlessly again
ran into alan and his gorgeous SEXYY lady
and guess what?!?
i bumped into tian tong!!!
he was soooo HANDSOME
he was wearing this fitting orange polo tee and bermudas

he's tall, dark, muscular and darn HOT
he said turned around and looked at me with his killer eyes
smiled and said sorry for bumping into me
my heart wass racing
i smiled weakly and tried to keep my cool
goshh...can't believe i actually bumped into him!
>.< ..........<3
we had dinner at this bak kut teh restaurant
food was really gud
and the best part was that he cashier cashed in wrong item
and left out many itemS ( mind the plural )
the bill was supposed to be around 70
we ended up paying only 30
we all love careless cashiers, don't we??
watched e opening of olympics in one U
went back around 11
my feet hurt so badly =(
i swear i will never wear heels to shop anymore
decided to skip supper , bathed and laze in bed
i'm getting reallllllyyyyy FAT
gosh... i hate being fat but supper temptations are too hard to resist
am going to watch mock trial again later at 4
weiqing is picking me up at 9pm
i have nothing to wear!!! grr....

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