Thursday, September 25, 2008

no. this post is not gonna be about him.

another day of running away from reality.
didnt sleep last night
trying to finish my last minute legal method assignment
and feeling emotions i was supposed to feel.
went for lecture at 10am.
it's nice to put on a mask and live as if
all these was just a nightmare i woke up from.

suddenly decided to go to sunway redbox
me and the crazy 7 peeps headed to the pyramid after lunch
screw classes and lectures.
forget assignments and classes.
for that 3 hours in redbox
screaming singing and shouting
laughing talking and jumping on the couch
drinking dancing and fooling around
i totally forgotten about the clutter in my life
i let go everything and enjoyed life like it was everything that really mattered
shopped around pyramid a bit after
i bought myself a gorgeous pair of leopard printed 3inch pointed stilettos. =)
i had been eyeing this MOD beauty for a few months already
and finally i bought it. =) *squeals excitedly*
had dinner
came back around 8
showered and sat in front of my lappie motionless for some time
kelvin picked me up at 9
wednesdays are officially OUR day
yup. cineleisure again.
bought midnite tickets to mamma mia
ohyea, i bumped into actor alvin wong
looked. thought. figured out who he was. looked away.
not like he's a BIGGG star anyway
wanted to crash scarlet for free drinks
(wed nite college girls promotion)
didnt bring my fucking uni card.
so we sat in mcd talking about everything
mamma mia is a lousy show i tell you
not worth watching at all
boring musical movie with cliche boring storyline
keep singing songs from abba and those 60s or 70s songs
the kind of songs from dad's generation
sien shit.
had some drinks
proceeded to mamak after that.
roadblocks freaking irritates me
bastards dying for that extra rm50 to buy their raya cookies.

i need to rest
really rest
my whole system is upset
i'm so tired and and my body's suffering.
gimme a break

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Irene said...

lol. i don't even know the lastest shows, i don't even remember sunway now. and im from subang. cibai. arhhhhhh.