Sunday, October 19, 2008

kareoke at redbox on fri noon was fine
headed back to campus around 10pm
walked over to have supper with chungseng, tingyi and all
i was freaking happy to see suang
cause i thought she was not going to be there =)
sometimes, little things just can make me really happy =)
slept over with ah ma
talked to her whole nite till about 5am
fell into a deep sleep until sat noon about 3pm =)
too much sleep makes me tired. seriously
went for steamboat at kelana jaya with all of them
richard was really sweet to come over to pick me up
headed over to neo's place in sunway to get my heels
went back to richard's place to bathe and dress up
barcelona on sat nite
was just insane
some miscommunications and everything
too many bottles opened and cancelled reservations
it was just freaking messed up
ended up elayne and neo's tables were seperated
everyone was angry. sigh,
anyway, went in to see the angry faces
spoil my mood oni. damn dulan.
started drinking
and forgetting my limit
going insane with elayne
dancing topless on the bar top
what was i thinking??
neo came over and pulled me down
took me over to her table and took care of me
while elayne got herself really drunk and cried in the toilet
again, called richard to pick me up at around 2am
he was really nice to pick me up and i'm sorry
that i broke my promise to not get drunk
headed to cheras ktv for awhile
i was seriously drunk and laid there on the couch for some time
sigh. i felt awful
why do i always do stupid things knowing how horrible the consequence is?
being drunk and the hangover is not a nice feeling
slept around 6am
woke up at 3pm just now
elayne still wants to go barcelona tonight
give me a break.

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