Friday, October 24, 2008

last nite
dinner at 8pm with karhui at island cafe in ss2
second time meeting him
but we talk about everything under the sun
as if we had known each other forever
the first was at 4th college's ptb when i saw him in the band
(damn paiseh cause he got the video i recorded for the vocalist, and she told him that i was actually recording the video and the main focus was him ) =.=""
why do i always get trapped in embarrassing situations??
yeah, i thought he was cute
so?? he's so not my type lo
cute, fair, baby face
nahh...but anyways
he's a talkative guy
i always thought that
no guy could ever talk more than me
lol... i was wrong
left the cafe around 12.30am and
were sitting in the car
calling up to check whether there are still any late night movies
edward suddenly called and asked me to go to bar celona
me, being me,
dragged karhui to go with me
drove back to uni while he changed into jeans
i was too lazy
and yeah, i went with tank top, shorts and SLIPPERS
lol... who cares??
reached about 1am
went in regretting why i didnt at least change my slippers
bumped into the usual people
had a couple of drinks
didnt drink much cause they opened very few bottles
not in a mood to drink anyway
lousy music
kills my mood
and yeah
edward confessed this afternoon
people fall in love a little too fast dont they??
i just acted stupid
i'm not interested in any bf-gf thingy right now
since the horrible break up with 'him'
it still haunts me
i still miss him
still think about him when i'm alone
he still calls
but i never pick up anymore
sometimes, when i see his call
i still stare and let a tear roll
because i know
i can never allow myself to love him anymore
if i were to have a boyfriend again
the last person in the world would be edward
i like him as a friend
but he's a little too pushy
like my ex, he was suffocating me
wanting to talk to me every second he's awake
i cannot even go to toilet without him tagging along
checking where i was and getting jealous over nothing
although i'm not his girl
he treats me as if i am
trying to 'protect' me and not let other guys come near
anyway, back to last night,
not having girlfriends to go wild with me kills the fun of clubbing
the usual people going topless on the bar and stage
including the bitch i fought with a few days ago
she was trying to push me off the bar the other day!!!
she saw me, glared at me
wtf??!!! i dont care lar... fuck those damn bitches lar
danced a while
no mood
too stuffy
left around 3am
called richard and talked to the sleepy piggy for awhile
he's away on holiday in phuket with max and all =(
since he wont be around for the week
so i decided to go back to ipoh later today
at least just rest and get grip of my life
get over my smoking and late nights and all the crap
spend quality time with myself
and enjoy quiet town of ipoh =)


雨银 said...

kar hui??
izzit d guy v dimples??
i wonder hw u noe him...

jz drop by 2 ask u 2 take k ya~~

miss u ..

let "him" b d past...
luv is x everythg...
u stil hav us..

luv u^

hui yee said...

hey dong dong..^^
u went barc wif SLIPPERS...OMG..

-LuVeRGaL- said...

huiyee!!! i din noe u read my blog =)
anyways, welcome =)