Friday, October 24, 2008

paikyen paikyen!!! piggymelon!!!
guess what??
remember the song we liked when we were in form 5 or so??

remember anot ah??
remember anot??
the song we looked and looked for but had never found
i finally found it already
=) i have never forgotten you
nor have i forgotten our secondary days
even though both of us have much changed
i'm still waiting for you to come back soon
and hang out and talk to you =)

i'm back at home in ipoh
i'm quite happy to be back here
rest my body
from all the hectic schedules
at least rest my face
from being plastered with make up
rest my feet
from the killer heels
more importantly
rest my brain
from all the thinking and sleepless nights
as i was packing my stuff just now
a diary fell out
it was a diary
me and 'him' pledged to write every single day we were apart
it made me nearly cry
reading the few posts when we first parted
it reminded me of how much i used to love him
so dearly, so beautiful
i deny all the time
i do not miss him
but who am i kidding??
enough of emotions
i try hard not to connect with my emo side
i need to move on
i cannot live this way
basking in his shadows
thinking and missing him

i broke my sunnies today
the other day i broke the gucci perfume richard gave
it didnt really shatter
but still, it was badly broken
i did tell him
although he wasnt very much disturbed by it
i feel awful
it isnt like i dont appreciate things he gives me
it's just that accidents do happen
sometimes it irritates me so much when he plays with my feelings
i can never know what goes through his mind...
why do i care??
only my heart knows

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