Sunday, November 30, 2008

camwhore alert >.<

found out someone's dirty secret.
am disappointed.

to know that she isnt as simple
as i thought she was
just scares me that she is such an hypocrite.
and i thought i knew her well.
lol. i was so wrong.
i guess i judged her too fast.
sometimes i just have to close one eye
and pretend not to know
people especially girls are seriously complicated.
perverts are seriously annoying me so fuckin much
feel like slapping these sickos to death
and teach them that ladies are to be treated with respect.
and not like toys. not every girl are their little slaves.
fuckers. maybe all the perverts should be caught
dumped into a cage where sick perverts gather and gangrape new inmates
and make them regret their lives to ever had harassed any girl in any way
it's so fckin annoying and disgusting to talk to people like that.
just another piece of shit in the society.
wont let them spoil my day
baby made my day =)
sometimes its not about the big significant things
it's the little thoughtful stuff and details which do
it's nice to know that he cares.
and that little things i do, DOES affect him
and i always thought he doesnt care
and always felt as if he was heartless and stone cold.
it's nice to see this rare side of him =)
so happy that i camwhored today
it's been so long since i took self shots
had been dealing with
depression and self consciousness for so long
it's nice to be in touch with the vain side of me
and learn to love myself and my flaws.
when i'm happy. you'll see that sparkle in my eyes. =)
camwhore alert =)


not suitable for the faint hearted, pregnant and the anti-vivian
and strictly NOT for perverts and sickos


i'm starting to love my hair colour =)

and my all time fav




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hui yee said...

hey hey...
ooo self obsessed is bac into action a...^^